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Jan 11, 2021

Listening To Your Inner Wisdom

When I began my uncovering, I was no longer the girl who followed the rules. Instead, I felt like I was cast out, unfriended and unfollowed. It made me think I was in actual danger because that's how our bodies work. What I actually...

Jan 04, 2021

Inviting Your Partner Into Your Growth

I want to talk about something that made such a huge difference for me in any moment where I was getting conflict or resistance from someone. Whether it be someone at work, your kids, a client or, most importantly, your partner, there's...

Dec 27, 2020

Getting Back Into Your Body

When we’re talking about coming back into our bodies and beginning to heal, how we define trauma or even we even define our experiences as trauma is a helpful place to start. I hear from a lot of women that identify as survivors of...


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