Pleasure & Trauma

pleasure trauma uncover Sep 22, 2023

I don’t know what it is about sexual assault that steals our breath away. In the moment, it’s hard to speak, let alone scream. Afterward, our words feel jumbled and hazy. Occasionally we feel the weight of what our words will mean if we speak it out loud, worrying, somehow, for the person who hurt us, rather than ourselves.

And it can be hard AF to know how to share it in our intimate relationships.

How it lingers in us,
changes us,
directs what we ask for,
and what we need…

Sexual assault & sexual trauma take the wind out of you.

I see entrepreneurial women who are afraid, of course we are, to be seen, to be se x y, to be open + vulnerable, to be touched. I see words whispered that should be shouted. I feel offers + businesses remain small, shallow and safe.

Because our bodies still say it’s dangerous to be here.

“We might die.”

Shrink - shrink - shrink.

Sometimes we know we are doing it, often we don’t.

Sometimes it’s paralleled in our relationships—closed up, afraid to date or be honest, or having s ex just automatically or to please our partner but not because we want to.


Women of this world:

The healing in this particular realm will change your life.

It will change how you show up.

It will change what you ask for and who you allow yourself to be.

You, uncovered, unhidden ~ this is who the world needs.

I’m here to help when you’re ready. 🌹🕊️🌱


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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