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Oh, intimacy.


I spent years thinking that I was just someone who would not get to have an epic love story.

I was doing what I thought I was "supposed" to do. I was married and following the rules. I was trying to be "good" in every area. I was working so hard to keep up the appearance as... the version of me that I thought the world wanted. I was going to church and following the rules and I felt guilty every time my mind drifted toward... desire.

The dreams I had of a passionate romance.
The big BOLD life where I was living out my purpose.
The days in a beautiful cafe, the nights watching the glittery Eiffel Tower...

I wanted so much.

And I worried wanting it made me... bad.

I tried to keep my distance from myself, from all that I wanted, and truly, from everyone around me.

Intimacy was a word I wouldn't have been able to say outloud, let alone claim that I craved.

But, luckily for me, I fell in love. And it blew my life up.

Not with a man (though they were involved eventually ;)

I fell in love with MYSELF and turned my life into the love story I had been dreaming of.

Now? I'm married to the love of my life, and every day feels like the romance I had thought I had to live without. My business, UNCOVER, is a 7 figure/year intimacy business, where I wake up every day feeling so excited and inspired to help people. Travel, shopping, giving, resting and time with my family are all built in to my life.

And guilt doesn't live here anymore.

I created the life I have always dreamed of through intimacy work.

Intimacy with all the parts of myself,
which meant that I was suddenly open to intimacy with all the parts of someone else.

Intimacy work is what enabled me to open up to being LOVED.

Intimacy work is what has allowed me to be a trauma-informed coach, who can truly hold my clients.

Intimacy work is what allowed me to RECEIVE in every area of life.


Intimacy is the secret ingredient for living your dream life.

And that's why I created The Intimacy Incubator. 

Hi, I'm Dr. Kimberly.

I am a published author, a 7 figure CEO, global intimacy expert, and... romantic optimist. This is the place for you if you re craving a soulful, deep, pleasure-filled journey in healing your intimacy wounds, showing up for the love you desire, and crafting the life of your dreams.
Join The Intimacy Incubator with the Spring Discount! {Payment Plan}
Join The Intimacy Incubator with the Spring Discount! {Pay in Full}

Why does this matter? And why now?
Because when intimacy replaces insecurity,
we come... ALIVE.

Sparkling on the date, slipping your leather jacket off your shoulders as you lean forward laughing.

 Confident as you write and sell, knowing that the perfect clients are coming.

Navigating the world of dating with ease, even as your heart is still healing.

Rekindling the fire with your long-term partner, phone in a drawer, sparks in your eyes as they disappear under the covers...

Intimacy is what allows you to show up fully for your life.

You trust yourself, every part.

 Lifetime Access to the 8 Core Intimacy Courses


You'll also receive...


AKA: The Intimacy Incubator PHD

Each course you complete will count toward your PHD as you earn badges and get closer to your degree in intimacy. And all along the way: monthly coaching with Dr. Kimberly, access to the full UNCOVER content vault plus in-person meet ups!!

One Full Year of Teaching & Coaching
with Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD

How it Works:

We'll be moving through the 8 core classes that give you a full education in intimacy, from flirting to healing the past to sex to creating a lifetime of lasting love.

You'll have lifetime access to these classes, so you can go through them again and again, but inside of The Intimacy Incubator, you'll also get monthly coaching calls with Dr. Kimberly, and when you complete all 8? You receive your PHD.


(You'll be an expert.)

The PHD pathway:

During Q1, for¬†months 1 - 3, you earn the ‚ÄúHealing‚ÄĚ badge by completing the brand new version of my signature UNCOVER course, and the Healing¬†course ūüĆĻ
you‚Äôll then move to the ‚ÄúSelf Love‚ÄĚ badge, as you twirl through¬†The Sensual Revolution¬†and fall head over heels in love with YOU, and¬†The Coquette Program¬†on how to FLIRT ūüíÉūüŹĽ
next is ‚ÄúOpenness,‚Ä̬†the badge for the latest updated round of¬†La Belle √Čtoile, the Paris program, and¬†Exposed, the course on conflict ūü•ź
and finally, wrapping your curriculum with the romance badge in months 10 - 12, earning ‚ÄúRelationships and Real Love‚ÄĚ as you move through all the modules and updates of Uncovered Intimacy and Bloom Together. ūüíó

Along the way… optional add-ons
(at no cost)

The Business Major: for all the courses of the ‚Äúbehind the scenes‚ÄĚ of how I run & grew UNCOVER
The Religion Minor: for spiritual seekers & healing past religious trauma
The Embodiment Minor: for having fun & feeling safe enough to connect within

And at the end???

Your diploma.

Your official, UNCOVER UNIVERSITY degree…

Your PHD.

Your mastery in
Pleasure, Healing & Desire.

To celebrate?


Team UNCOVER throws you a

DOCTORETTE party, completely on us!!!

(Think Bachelorette, but better!)

A box of self care supplies and celebration materials,

a reservation at a gorgeous restaurant

& a bottle of something sparkly

all on us.

Your PHD is getting celebrated!!!!!!!
Let’s have the best year of our lives.



1. The UNCOVER Course

Your Guide to Intimacy, Authenticity & Pleasure.
10 Modules and journals, plus a bonus book list.

Buy The UNCOVER Course Separately for $1,111

2. Healing

Trauma, Pleasure and Reclaiming Your Body. 
4 Modules and Journals.

Buy The Healing Course Separately for $2,222

3. The Sensual Revolution

How to Feel Sexy, Fall in Love with Yourself, and Find HER Again.
12 Modules and Workbooks.

Buy The Sensual Revolution Separately for $2,777

4. La Belle √Čtoile

The Paris Program.
6 Modules and Workbooks.

Buy La Belle √Čtoile Separately for $1,111

5. The Coquette

How to Safely & Seductively Uncover Your Inner FLIRT.
6 Modules and Workbooks.

Buy The Coquette Course Separately for $2,500

6. Exposed

Conflict, Vulnerability and the Magic of Repair.
3 Modules and Workbooks.

Buy The Exposed Course Separately for $1,888

7. Uncovered Intimacy

Relationship Healing & Wild Romance
3 Modules and Workbooks.

Buy The Uncovered Intimacy Course Separately for $3,333

8. Bloom Together

Growing an Intimacy that Matches Your Power.
6 Modules and Workbooks.

Buy The Bloom Together Course Separately for $2,222

& Access to the Certification 

The Uncovered Coach Certification Program

Learn the tools to utilize the UNCOVER tools as a trauma-informed coach. Included inside The Intimacy Incubator.

Buy The Uncovered Coach Certification Separately for $5,555

Total Value of Courses: $22K+

Bonuses: Valued at over $10K+

Coaching Calls & Community: Valued at $15K+

Plus 50% Off 1:1 Coaching & VIP Days with Dr. Kimberly


Total Value: $47K+


Step inside The Intimacy Incubator 

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