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May 17, 2021

The Power Of Entrepreneurship

This work that we’re doing is a crucial part of what’s coming next. It’s what we need to do now to prepare ourselves and the world for what will unfold before us. But while this work is deep and challenging, it’s...

May 10, 2021

Questions On Purpose And Desire

When I got divorced, I broke the rules. Rules that had been deep in my body since I could remember. Divorce was not the “good girl” thing to do and the way that I got divorced was breaking its own set of rules because I had...

May 02, 2021

Mindset Prompts For Entrepreneurs

When I work with entrepreneurs, it often feels like we access a new energy in their intimacy, both in terms of power and in terms of deeper levels of healing. Visibility and putting yourself out there are integral to the entrepreneurial...


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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