My Daily Uniform

fashion Sep 13, 2023

I was just talking with some clients about what makes us feel cozy, supported and instantly put together enough -- and I realized I wanted to share these, my favorite little graphics I made of my daily go-tos!

In general: I sweat a lot lol and I am neurodivergent so sensory stuff can be a lot for me on coaching days, so I *try* to always wear soft clothes in either cotton or cashmere on top & leggings and then I change when I'm done with work!

Favorite leggings: Lululemon "Align" Leggings
Favorite sweaters: Naked Cashmere & Quince (a little more affordable but both great)
Favorite slippers: UGG
Favorite studs are from Tiffany & co & my heart locket pendant necklace kind of like this one


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