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Jan 24, 2022

Align Your Goals With Pleasure


January. It is the season of newness, reevaluation, recalibration, and reimagining. It is the season of deep breaths, starting over, vision boarding, list building, and affirmations. 


This is the season for GOALS.


Nov 29, 2021

The Best-Case Scenario

I just wanted to share a quick intimacy lesson today that is based on a call that I had last week with one of my beloved clients.

We talked about what happens when you live in the energy of the best has yet to come. 

What happens...

Oct 11, 2021

The Sacred Responsibility of Stewardship

I understand.

Getting what you want feels like it’s going to cost someone else.

Like it’s a zero sum game.

Your big, beautiful heart wants to help.

And you worry that if you have more, it will mean someone else,...


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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