Purchase this lifetime access to The Coquette Program, where you will learn to flirt. 

A woman in her full force, a woman who is truly being herself is magnetic.

She’s the woman who has filled up with her own magic has so much to spare that other people are drawn in by it.

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MEOW: Uncovering Your Inner Sex Kitten MASTERCLASS

Playful, gentle and flirty deep dive into uncovering your inner sex kitten!

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Purchase this lifetime access to The Paris Program, where we will cover: romancing & reclaiming your past; sensuality, sex appeal & the lineage of the courtesan; beautiful heartbreak & how to be with sadness; living life like a work of art; attracting attention; and being the belle of the ball.

One-Time Payment of $1,111 or 7 Bi-Weekly Payments of $161

We’re trained to believe that female energy is destructive at its core, and if left alone, all hell can break loose. But what would it look like if we felt safe enough to embody our inner seductress, connect with ourselves, and connect with our inner flirt? When we follow what feels fun, we unlock something within ourselves.

Masterclasses Included:
The Seductress, The Connection, The Flirt

Each Masterclass is 45 minutes - 1 hour long, and you will have access in a private membership portal.
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Craving Intimacy Coaching with Dr. Kimberly? 

Join The Intimacy Incubator and get all courses plus monthly community coaching calls with Dr. Kimberly. You will maintain lifetime access to all courses you receive after completing your first full year in the incubator.

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