UNCOVER by Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD


UNCOVER by Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD

 Welcome to the world of UNCOVER.

It is our passion to lead women to uncover lives of pleasure, power, and purpose so that they can make the impact they were born to make. Over the past 4 years, we have built a 7-Figure business that we love supporting women, and we are so grateful to welcome you into it!

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Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD

CEO & Founder of UNCOVER.

Your Pleasure is Your Power.

 This work is my love letter to my past self, who was distant from her body and her purpose, and knew a deeper intimacy must be possible. With a M.A. from Yale, a PhD, in-depth coaching training and years of experience, it is my deep honor and pleasure to weave the intellectual side of empowerment, healing and intimacy work in with the embodied, playful practices of pleasure.

In my world, women come alive again.

Whether you are ready for your first intimacy coach, want to browse self study courses to do on your own, or simply feel ready to join our free community and say, out loud, I am worthy of more, you are welcome here. 

Kristina Russell, Client Concierge & Executive Assistant

I love our community.

My job is to aid clients in fanning the flame they already have inside, igniting their passions, helping them to heal, to find courage to live a life of their own design that is filled with love, pleasure and joy.

 I'm Kristina Russell. 
 I first came to Uncover as a client and I believe in the power of Uncover and Kimberly Rose Pendleton because I know first hand what this work has done in my life. I am a former police dispatcher who medically retired due to PTSD. I was overwhelmed and depressed and changed in so many ways. I have known the darkness and the loss of the woman I was. She was still there but she was so buried in trauma and fear and the harshness of life that she forgot there was light and joy and pleasure. Working with Kim brought me back to the woman I was while simultaneously becoming the woman I want to be. I get to do the hard work and yet get to live my life in a way that is true to who I am, who I am, who I will be.  I want that for you too!
 My purpose is to support others as they do the work to rediscover that their strength, their dreams, their joy is still possible and it is never to late to be the author of their story. You get to be the star and the director all at once to create a life so perfectly authentic and so perfectly YOU.  I am honored to take this journey along side womxn who are nothing short of amazing all the while supporting them and cheering them on! (Along with all the fabulous members of Team Uncover!)
 Along with my training through Uncover and The Uncover Teacher Training Program, I am trained in crisis management and response as well as many other training hours spent learning about trauma and trauma response. It is my passion to constantly learn new skills and show up for their community in integrity. You are never alone in this journey of uncovering. Welcome home! We have been waiting for you.

Angela Koranteng, UNCOVER Support Coach

Everything you desire is becoming.

 I lead monthly support coaching calls within the Intimacy Incubator space and my expertise is in helping womxn tap into their sovereignty + intuition...the deep inner wisdom of their heart as they navigate difficult transitions so that they can turn “this is the worst thing that’s ever happened to me” into “this is the best thing that ever happened to me.” And as program navigator, I can  hold space for you even before you shift into our community and answer any questions you might have as you figure out if one of our free resources is helping you feel supported enough or if you could use one of our trainings, luxury programs, or retreats all over the world to rejuvenate you! 


In addition to my certifications in coaching, yoga, and reiki; I’m a certified doula.  I’ve also been a registered nurse for 9 years in the specialty of infertility and beyond and hold my B.S. in both Psychology + Nursing.  While I love witnessing new life being brought into the world in the literal sense of the word, birth...I’ve equally loved bearing witness to all of the beautiful ways women give birth: books, businesses, journey’s around the world, and magical rebirths of themselves.

Inquire about booking Angela for 1:1 coaching packages

Brittney Kay, Online Business Manager

Brittney is a customer service whiz who specializes in social media and project management.


She thrives in a fast-paced and demanding environment, where organized chaos flourishes. She loves organization and ensuring everything is where it's supposed to be. Brittney specializes in making sure day to day operations run efficiently and fluently. She ensures that no task goes missed, or things fall through the cracks to ensure that both her clients, as well as their clients, are always happy and receiving the highest quality of service and support.
In Brittney's downtime she loves exploring new trails and indulging in small batch, micro brewery's and the most delicious pizza money can buy! She loves traveling the world but will forever call Canada home!

LeeAnza Romero, Financial Empowerment Coach and Operations Assistant

LeeAnza is a financial coach and our UNCOVER operations assistant who specializes in helping women run incredible businesses that make an impact AND a profit.


“Mastering your money is about more than math. It’s about adjusting your mindset.”


LeeAnza has worked with Online Entrepreneurs for over two years. She helps clients set and crush their goals, decrease their debt, and plan ahead in their business. She has a passion for building and nurturing relationships with her clients by supporting them through their financial decisions.


When she is not empowering the CEOs of the future, you can find her spending time with her family. Being a mom is one of her favorite hobbies. She’s also a military spouse. Her hubby is in the Navy and they are currently stationed in Virginia Beach. She is also her own personal chef and loves to travel.

Christy Shukie, Creative Director of UNCOVER.

My purpose is to help women claim their power, story, and desires through art. 

   So often these are things we outsource - frequently without even realizing it.  Coaching and branding get to be these powerful tools where we can peel back the layers and stories to YOU and in that deep personal reclamation show up in the world with your light all the way on.  I am so grateful for my training in The Uncovered Teacher Training as well as my background in conflict resolution.  This journey of uncovering can be so tender so trauma tools, decolonization training, and conflict resolution tools are essential in how I approach coaching and branding.  I am so honored to be part of Team UNCOVER and on this journey with you.

Inquire about joining the next round of Uncover Your Brand, Christy’s six-month branding mastermind for entrepreneurs



We believe...

The secret ingredient to your healing and freedom is pleasure.

It is never too late to reclaim your body, connect to your true self, and uncover what you actually want.

You can have the life and love that you were meant for. 

Why wait?

Longing to get started?

Explore The Intimacy Incubator, our signature coaching program,
or book a VIP Day in Napa with Kimberly.

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