Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton

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Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton

Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton

Speaker | Writer | Teacher

CEO & Founder of UNCOVER.

Your Pleasure is Your Power.

 This work is my love letter to my past self, who was distant from her body and her purpose, and knew a deeper intimacy must be possible. With a M.A. from Yale, a PhD, in-depth coaching training and years of experience, it is my deep honor and pleasure to weave the intellectual side of empowerment, healing and intimacy work in with the embodied, playful practices of pleasure.

In my world, women come alive again.

Whether you are ready for your first intimacy coach, want to browse self study courses to do on your own, or simply feel ready to join our free community and say, out loud, I am worthy of more, you are welcome here. 

If you need any support, reach out to my team at [email protected]

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I believe...

The secret ingredient to your healing and freedom is pleasure.

It is never too late to reclaim your body, connect to your true self, and uncover what you actually want.

You can have the life and love that you were meant for. 

Why wait?

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