Unleash your inner flirt, and watch your life open up to magic.


💋 Do you feel like you'd love to brush up (or learn for the first time) skills at actually FLIRTING? Most of us were never taught this...

💋 Do you feel AFRAID of what turning your power all the way on might feel like? Most of us are scared that if we open the flirting floodgates, we might be in danger...

💋 Are you excited to take a turned UP, magnetic and radiant version of you out into the world? Most of us could use more of this energy in life in general, from seducing in sales to shining brightly in the boardroom...

Learn how to do it all, YOUR way, and stay in control of how your flirty energy comes out.

A woman in her full force, a woman who is truly being herself, is so incredibly magnetic.

She’s the one who is so filled up with her own magic that she has more to spare… so much that other people are drawn in by it. And you get to step into her spotlight.

💋 Hi. I’m Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton. 


If you had told me ten years ago that today I'd be teaching a course on flirting, and in fact, that it would be my best-selling course of my whole company, I would have laughed in your face.

I spent a lot of my life feeling like a bit of a stranger in my own body. I was aware that I could charm and have a certain effect on people SOMETIMES, but I didn't really feel in control of it at all. In fact, I was often scared of what would happen if I flirted too much or too well -- would I be sending mixed signals? Would I get myself into trouble? Would I know what to do?

The Coquette is everything I learned and taught myself about flirting. Flirting safely, flirting with life, flirting & romance, and even bringing flirt energy into my work.💋

This is essentially a crash course in staying in receiving mode always 😎💋 and turning our magnetism up all the way!

You get to have this, too.

💋 A life that fully turns you on, and that you are turned on right back for.💋

I’ve helped so many women step into their flirt era, teaching them to source their radiance from the inside out and let the whole world whisper...



You get to be the woman who owns the room, who can turn her light on and off as she so chooses, and knows exactly how to turn it on when she wants to.

💋 Who is The Coquette?


S H E...

💋is magnetic....

💋is charming...

💋Carries herself with an intoxicating energy.
An energy that draws people in. 

💋Is the one everybody is curious about.
The one people all want more of...

💋Is the one living in her own magic. 

💋Is the one who knows she is safe.
Her desires are safe.
Her attraction is safe.

And she’s the one that knows that it all gets to be fun.

Module 1: Who is The Coquette?

Module 2: Flirting & Love

Module 3: Flirting with Life

Module 4: Flirting & Safety

Module 5: Bringing flirt energy into your work
Modules are lifetime access, and you'll automatically receive all new future updates, as well.

💋 Bonuses:

As a bonus for this course, you will also receive lifetime access to the FLIRTING masterclasses:

“How to Flirt”
"The Art of Flirting"
"All Eyes on Her"
Become your most breathtaking, magnetic, can't-take-your-eyes-off-her version of you.

Pay in Full Bonus:

Our Special Edition FLIRT Mug

{both right handed and left handed available!}

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💋 How it works 💋


You will get immediate access to the course and retain access for life, including all future modules, coursework and updates. You will get a unique username and log in to access the course portal in our private members’ site. Each module can be watched in the course portal app, for ease, or on YouTube, and on both subtitles can be added as well as the speed can be changed.


Frequently Asked Questions 


"If you're on the fence about working with Kimberly I'd love to be the nudge that helps you follow your heart to say yes. The intimacy, wisdom and friendship that Kimberly brings to her practice is unlike any other coach I've worked with and I can't recommend her enough.”
- Nicole Syverson


"Working with Kim has been the best decision of my life."

-Emily Jolly Birdsall


“Kim is a life-altering coach and teacher who deeply cares about her clients and making the world a better place for all womankind.

She’s powerful, magnetic, and a true gift to anyone in her presence.

Mark my words, she’ll change your life forever so step into her light and be transformed from the inside out.” -Emily Williams

A final note as you consider joining us:


Many people will make opening up after healing sound complicated and hard, or endlessly taxing, but what I’ve found is that it’s actually the simple but deep work of uncovering ourselves— using the tools I’ll be teaching inside of this course & returning to them over and over — that pave a pathway for a life we truly adore.

You deserve this. 💋