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Uncovered Intimacy: Relationship Healing & Wild Romance

The #1 Love & Relationships Program for Entrepreneurs  


You actually DO know that you can have it all... that's why it is so frustrating that you don't have it yet.

As you rise in your power  and in your work, making more money, and crafting the movement that will create your legacy... you desire a love story to match.
An epic romance for the ages.
A depth and intimacy that matches the way you are showing up in every area of your life.

We all get told you can have it all, "but not all at once" -- Not here.

✔ The epic business

✔ The whirlwind romance

✔ Falling asleep holding hands after an amazing night, feeling satisfied and safe

✔ Days full of purpose and passion

✔ Fully present (and phone free!!) both at date nights and team meetings

✔ Romantic vacations and sold out launches... often at the same time


None compromising the other, but every part of your life making the other *better.*

We know our love matters more than nearly anything else... yet, if we aren’t careful, our relationship becomes the first thing that gets sacrificed in our schedule, our energy and our passion.


📱 Distracted on date night.

📨 Eyes glazed over as they’re talking… thinking of an email from a client or an issue with your team.

💼 Feeling like "as soon as" the business is running more smoothly, THEN you can turn your attention toward focusing on your love life, self care and  reconnecting.


But that’s a lie.

When you prioritize connection firstthings bloom everywhere, including in your work.



Over 12 transformational modules, we’ll explore and discover:


✨ Why pleasure is an integral part of the healing that changes relationships


✨ Why it can be so terrifying to identify what it is you want from your partner


✨ Why intimacy is the root of everything you are craving and what practices will unlock it  



It's time to set the example of the wave of powerful women who are making millions in their work and then turn around to feel like the most cherished, sought after, magnetic goddesses in their relationship. 

It's time for Uncovered Intimacy

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How it works:
All 12 Modules & workbooks will be housed in a private members' site. You will have lifetime access!



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