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What if you got to completely rewrite your love story? What if you got to be one of people who rewrites what it means to be loved, whole & radiant? What if you were able to heal your intimacy wounds and remember who you really are?

We have been taught that we aren’t worthy of next level love or that it isn’t safe for us to have it. It doesn't have to be that way.

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Uncover your sexual healing and ultimate freedom. This course is the #1 methodology to heal from sexual trauma, learn the tools to feel sexually empowered and truly free to show up in your relationships as a confident, healed, sexy and brave goddess. Whatever has happened to you or broken your heart, whatever has grown boring or stale in your life — it is not too late.

You deserve a love life that take your breath away. And it all starts with your inner healing.

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The Five Intimacy Wounds


This foundational three part training is an introduction to the five Intimacy Wounds and what healing them entails.


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MEOW: Uncovering Your Inner Sex Kitten MASTERCLASS

Playful, gentle and flirty deep dive into uncovering your inner sex kitten!

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THE masterclass for building the romance of your dreams.

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The Key to Staying in Your Feminine in Relationships When You Bring in Big Money

One of the biggest blocks for entrepreneurs, particularly women, is a fear that if their business gets *too big* and too powerful, out-earning their partners will ruin the dynamic of their relationship, or that they won't feel satisfied within it. Step into this training to get the crucial tools you need to feel deeply cared for and turned on, provided for and seduced, even when you are the one bringing in tons of money.

This is lifetime access.

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We’re trained to believe that female energy is destructive at its core, and if left alone, all hell can break loose. But what would it look like if we felt safe enough to embody our inner seductress, connect with ourselves, and connect with our inner flirt? When we follow what feels fun, we unlock something within ourselves.

Masterclasses Included:
The Seductress, The Connection, The Flirt

Each Masterclass is 45 minutes - 1 hour long, and you will have access in a private membership portal.
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Healing, the digital course with Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton   
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Purchase this lifetime access to The Paris Program, where we will cover: romancing & reclaiming your past; sensuality, sex appeal & the lineage of the courtesan; beautiful heartbreak & how to be with sadness; living life like a work of art; attracting attention; and being the belle of the ball.

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  • Is magnetic.

  • Is charming.

  • Carries herself with an intoxicating energy. An energy that draws people in. 

  • Is the person who has all eyes on her. 

  • Is the one everybody is curious about. The one people want more of. 

  • Is the one living in her own magic. 

  • Is the one who knows she is safe. Her desires are safe. Her attraction is safe.

  • And she’s the one that knows that it all gets to be fun.


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Spirituality. Sexuality. Sacredness. Sensuality.

 It’s not always easy to find a community that can hold the complexity, nuance and tenderness that's needed to attend to our spirit.

How to find our way back to what is sacred, especially inside of us...

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Uncovered Intimacy Relationships, Healing Together & Wild Romance
Fall back in love again & again. 
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The Sensual Revolution

 Find Her Again...

In this 12 Module course, you'll be led to reclaim ad rediscover your sacred sexuality.

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Selfie Made:
How to Have Fun & Make Money Sharing & Selling on Instagram
(and social media in general)
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Want a peak behind the scenes of UNCOVER? This is the ultimate bundle for your thriving coaching business.

From your first $1 online to your first 7 figures.

What's included:

Lifetime access to 12 courses, immediately, including 29+ hours of content recorded from 2017 to 2022, as I scaled UNCOVER to 7 figures.


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Coaching Certification

Become a certified UNCOVER coach!!

If you are a coach, you are working with trauma whether you know it or not...

The Only Trauma-Informed Certification in the UNCOVER methodology with Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD 

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Want ALL of the ABOVE plus a monthly coaching call with Dr. Kimberly? 

Join The Intimacy Incubator and get every new course for one year, plus all of the Pleasure, Healing and Desire courses in The Library. After completing the 8 core PHD courses, receive your official PHD in Intimacy Work from UNCOVER University!

In the optional  'Business Major' find all of Dr. Kimberly's behind-the-scenes resources about creating and running UNCOVER.

In the optional  'Religion Minor' find Dr. Kimberly's courses on spirituality, religion and purity culture.

Monthly, attend coaching calls with the community, plus get 50% off VIP Days and Private Coaching with Dr. Kimberly while in the incubator. You will maintain lifetime access to all courses you receive after completing your first full year in the incubator.

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