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Sample VIP Day Flow


10:00 am - Meet somewhere sexy and delicious for coffee/tea/mimosa/green juice


10:30 am - Morning Coaching Session & Future Self Meditation


12:00pm - Luxurious lunch time


1:30pm - Afternoon Coaching Session, potentially diving in to tools, mindset, and embodiment work


3:00pm - Uncovered Goddess Ceremony (details secret)


4:00pm - Wrap time - maybe we need a snack, a glass of wine at a local tasting room or a non-alcoholic drink

We’ll wrap up in magic, and afterward, you'll get your personalized integration plan and a follow up session one week out to ensure you are fully supported.

Your self care, intimacy and pleasure deserve your full attention. Give yourself the best so that you can truly give the world the best of you.

During an Intimacy, Pleasure & Self Care VIP Day with Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton, you will discover how powerful you truly are.

Heal your heart, uncover your brilliance, and claim yourself again.

I already know I need this...

We'll design your dream VIP experience after an initial 1:1 consult so that everything is perfect.

You'll receive spa treatments, high-level coaching and a chance to truly calibrate to 5-star self care, so that you can leave feeling revived, renewed and with a reclaimed sense of who you are.

Investment: $11,111 USD


After you pay, the Uncover team will be in touch to schedule your day that works for you and we will begin to let the excitement build!!

To Heal your heart,

uncover your brilliance,

launch forward into success,

I'm ready to reclaim her.