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This is for the woman who wants more freedom in her intimate life, and who is ready for pleasure, sensuality and feeling like a goddess to be the NORM... 

Purity culture makes people feel like their bodies are dirty, their desires are suspect and sinful, and that pleasure should be avoided at all costs.

For the women I work with, there is no more dangerous force on the planet.

Whether you grew up religious, are still a devoted believer, have left it all behind, or simply feel that these cultural norms have bought their way into you somehow... whether you ever bought in to them or not... you are welcome here.

ONCE I was ready to heal this part of me, I decided that I was willing to do whatever it took, even if the journey was going to be painful, hard, and expensive.  

And to be honest... it kind of was. 

I read everything I could get my hands on about sexual healing & sexual freedom. I got my Masters from Yale and my PhD, publishing work on sex trafficking and sexual healing in academic journals, while I supplemented my work with my own trauma healing & training, ten years of healing modality work, therapy, coaching, and support.  

I reconsidered my relationship with church, with God, and with my body.

I found my way home.

I found a way to uncover who I had been all along: free, healed, whole, sexy, passionate, alive, divine. 

I committed to creating something that wove together all that I had learned, experienced & felt. I wasn't just going to do this for me. I was going to do this for all of us. 

After I made that commitment, I was led to clean up my mindset around pleasure, desire, and deserving. 

When you change your mentality around pleasure, you change your experience of love, and your relationship to your own power.  

I changed the role that pleasure played in my life. I created new belief systems around pleasure, my body, and opening up to my desires. I began to understand the purpose of pleasure to unlock trauma healing, reconnect with my partner, and uncover my true self. I've spent the time since increasing my understanding of sexual healing & sexual freedom.  

And it worked.  

I was able to heal from trauma, feel free, rewire my heart to open up to new levels of love, and honor my desires -- like to travel to Paris, dance on a rooftop with my love, feel totally confident naked, wear lingerie that makes me feel on fire, have more passionate love with none of the guilt, shame, fear or frozenness.

I had thought I'd be stuck with it forever. I thought that all of this was out of the cards for me.

None of this is even the best part.  

The best part is that I don't feel broken.  

To be clear, ten years ago I was crying in the bathroom, worried I'd never feel better after pelvic pain and religious trauma. I dedicated my life to working on my healing, freedom, and pleasure and to serving others so they could do the same. And here we are.  

I now live a life beyond my wildest dreams, feeling more comfortable, confident and loved than I thought possible. Especially by me.

Your intimacy work, freedom and liberation is a part of our collective freedom. 

When we do the brave work of healing our intimacy wounds, and upgrading our self care & self love, our freedom ripples outward, for everyone. We face our shadows and our shame, uncover the inner beauty of our bodies, and become even more fully who we are.

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