This luxe mastermind with Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD is a sacred container for deepening into devotion, pleasure & intimacy within your work in the world, your intimate relationships and your connection to yourself


Nothing is more powerful than this high-level mastermind of goddesses


Get Ready to Reach Your Next Level

An intimate mastermind for entrepreneurs ready to go big in love, leadership and life

R E K I N D L E   +   



The feminine fire in your leadership for ease in scaling your business, pleasure in every part of your life, and a deeply enchanted success story.

You have felt the longing.

To go deeper in your work,

to journey more deeply into your heart,

to stand as the leader of the movement you came here to lead.

You hear the whispers of Mary Magdalene, the courage of Joan of Arc, the opulence of Nefertiti, the feminine fire that the world so needs, calling your power forward.

You are ready to step forward and claim your crown.


J o i n  the  movement.
And begin your own.

Most entrepreneurs are close, but not quite there.  What is required to reach your next level of success isn't just strategy, it is intimacy. Intimacy with all the parts of yourself, and healing your past patterns and intimacy wounds, allows you to move forward from a deeply empowered place. Uncover your intimate leadership.

Join the mastermind with Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD.





2 Luxurious Retreats: 

  • Our Opening Retreat in Boulder, Colorado: June 1,2,3 & 4 2023
  • Our Second Retreat in Napa Valley, CaliforniaJanuary 30, 31, Feb. 1 & Feb. 2 



  • Lunch & Dinner each day included
  • We will gather at 10 each day
  • Luxurious Branding Shoot with Wendy Yalom included (in the January retreat)
  • Hot Springs included (in the January retreat)
  • Accommodations not included  but we will help you find a roommate/share AirBnBs with your future besties if you desire!

s u p p o r t

s u p p o r t

Exclusive Access to The 'Intimate Millionaire' Roadmap with Kimberly

  • Guidance through the signature UNCOVER process in recorded teaching modules to emerging as a 7 Figure CEO deeply rooted in her mission, her intimacy and her sensuality ($11K Value)

3x Monthly Group Calls

  • Intimacy + Leadership high level coaching calls with Kimberly from 2pm - 4pm pacific on the first three Tuesdays of each month  ($65K Value)

3 Guest Expert Mentorship Calls

  • Invited guests on the sacred feminine, wealth and abundance, and sex magic ($25K Value)

1:1 Coaching

  • 4, 45 minute 1:1 calls with Kimberly ($25K Value)

Group Support

  • 24/7 Group Access in our private Facebook portal ($6K Value)
  • Connections (priceless ;)

Intimacy Incubator Access

  • Resource Library ($15K Value)
    • Live program access for 9 months 

4 Archetype Retreat Days

  • Throughout our journey, join virtually or in-person for four VIP Days, guided by the archetypes of UNCOVER ($45K Value)

Reserve Your Spot in the Next Round of the Pleasure Portal

Inside of The Pleasure Portal, we are guided by the four UNCOVER archetypes... 

The Devoted Queen | The Divine Mother | The Rebel Assassin | The Sacred Whore

Each archetype opens us up to a specific, needed version of ourselves. 

Each month, our first call of the month will be a ceremony and guided set of questions for us to walk with that month.

The second and third call of each month will be hotseat style coaching, with each goddess receiving devoted attention.

Within you is a divine mother, a sacred whore, a rebel assassin and a devoted queen.

Each archetype will guide you to a deeper part of yourself, your work in the world, and your unique magic.

As we journey through our nine months together, you'll be initiated into intimacy with the deepest parts of yourself.

By our final retreat, you will have emerged as your true self: the Queen. 


No one leaves the portal the same as they entered it. You willl transform, call your power forward, and be celebrated by the circle of queens who truly SEE you, in your power, in your pleasure.

N I N E  M O N T H S


A $155K+ value

for $33,333 when paid in full 


15 payments of $1,888 + deposit when enrolled in payment plan



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and receive a 

VIP DAY BONUS Pleasure Session

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