It's time to Uncover Your Pleasure and Your Power…

  It's time to Uncover Your Pleasure and Your Power…

Intimacy & Leadership Coaching for Powerful Women

Transform Your Life by Uncovering Your Radiant, Feminine Fire

In our coaching containers, you will discover how powerful you truly are.

When you heal your sexual trauma, release your self-consciousness, and feel truly sexually empowered you become unstoppable.

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You are...  on your way to change the world.

Smart. Driven. Ambitious.  

Working so hard to get it all done. Knocking out your goals and holding all the pieces together.  

You were the good girl, the star student, the one who always did even better than what was expected of her.  

That perfect girl grew up to be a successful, motivated woman.
But something is missing.

You have it all, but how happy are you?

Can you walk into a room and feel your power radiate?
Are you melting into your partner's arms each night, having incredible intimacy and feeling like a goddess?
Do you know how powerful your sensuality truly is?

The stiff conversation and frozen kisses with your partner, the plateau in creativity and income in your work, that feeling of dissatisfaction when you look around wondering... Isn't there more to life than this?  

There is.

Your next levels of success will come from your intimacy healing, your deep courage & your devoted empowerment.


Intimate leadership coaching is a deep dive into healing, sexual empowerment and savoring pleasure in your life. 


You don't struggle with following your dreams, with reaching big goals, with success.
But, you have it all and still aren't happy.

You may even feel a little guilty even admitting it — but you crave even more.

More love, more money, more success.
But not just that…

More time.

More time enjoying & savoring it all.

You're laying awake at night wondering what more you could be doing, when it feels like you are already doing it all.

You may have thought you could just sidestep this part of you — the part that hungers for deeper love, wild romance, empowered sexuality — but she won't be ignored.

You don't even know what awaits. How absolutely incredible it gets to be.

This is not for those seeking a quick, superficial solution. You won't find tricks, manipulation tactics, or self denial here. This is not for women who are willing to numb out, settle, and slowly drift away from their partners and themselves.

This is high level work for the woman who knows that she is worth fighting for.

This is a high intensity and pleasurable path toward greater success, deeper love and more confdence in business through your sexual empowerment.

This is the success secret you won't read about in Forbes.

Already feel it?

Message me to if one of the next spots should be yours & discern the right next step, together.



  • Your sense that things could be better — that nagging feeling that there is more to life than this — will finally get to relax, as you step into who you were always meant to be.
  • Those fights with your partner? That negative self talk? That sense of never feeling fully relaxed, connected, alive? Say goodbye to that discomfort. 
  • Old patterns, doubts and fears leftover from unhealed trauma and heartbreak will lose its sting as you learn tools to integrate, expand and heal (allowing you to finally experience deep self love and epic romance)
  • No more feeling stuck, frozen, or like you can't put your finger on what you want
  • Ignite the sex life & passion you've wanted all along
  • Start getting EXACTLY what you want, in love & in life, as you step into your power
  • Elevate everyone around you (especially your partner) as your own sexy, confident, courageous glow shines brightly
  • Immediately see the difference in how the world responds to you, with new opportunities, more money, incredible gifts and dates, epic sex and dream-like deep conversation all becoming part of your new "normal" life



I'm Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD.

I use the pronouns She/Her. I wear a lot of sequins and drink a lot of coffee. It's really nice to meet you. 

I’m a women’s empowerment and sexuality coach. I help people use pleasure to uncover their true selves, heal sexual trauma and experience vibrant relationships through courses, a teaching certification, speaking, my tv show and more.

Healing from my own sexual trauma, dismantling my sexual shame, and opening up to my pleasure and power paved the way for this deep work. In addition, I completed a doctorate, published my research, was awarded a master's degree from Yale, and became a certified, trauma-informed coach.

Sexual empowerment is the work that has enabled all of my other success. That's what I want for you, too.


intimacy coaching

Private Monthly Coaching with Kimberly

Private Monthly Coaching with Kimberly

Private coaching is an intimate adventure. Up to 3 calls per month and chat support, in addition to optional access to group programs that run during the duration of our container. Limited to 6 spots at a time. Investment: $26,500 for 3 months or $100,000 for 12 months.

2 spots available for January 2022.

Private Monthly Coaching with Kimberly

Feeling that tingle that this could be for you?

Let’s figure it out together.


You are ready to take bold steps forward and don't want to waste another minute stuck in your old patterns.

You know you are meant for an epic love story and an incredible life.

You are ready to feel like the sexy siren that you've always wanted to be.

You're so tired of feeling doubt, dullness and drama in your love life.

All your perfectionism and hustle is leaving you burned out, exhausted and totally disconnected from your feminine flow.

You don't want another year to go by filled with mediocre sex, disappointing connection and "is-this-it?" running through your head at every turn.


Intimacy Coaching with Kimberly is an investment that will change your life forever. It is not for the uncommitted or the faint of heart. But, for those who know they are meant for more, there is no more sure path toward fulfillment, fire, and passion. Let's begin.

Not sure where to start?

Let's figure it out together.


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