July, 2023



Because of course you are. Because you are a holy, sacred thing. And...

It’s not always easy to find a community that can hold the complexity, nuance and tenderness that needs to attend to our spirit.

Where do we belong?

It's a question that sits at the core of so many of us.

Something that we’ve all experienced or internalized in our lives, in one way or another.

And it’s a longing built in to our lives.

Religion. The Divine. How to find our way back to what is sacred, especially inside of us...

I grew up loving church.

I sang in the choir. I stared at a light bulb in a manger every Christmas as I played the Virgin Mary. I was the youth rep on the staff/parish relations committee and all my first boyfriends came from youth group.

I found my way into a much more conservative church space in college and tried to make it mine. I longed for rules and structure that made it all make sense -- that feeling in me that maybe there was something wrong and rotten at the core of me.

I didn't trust my desires.

I didn't trust myself.

I didn't trust the world, which felt terrifying and unpredictable.

But I know I felt connected, sparkling, reverent. 

Somewhere in me, I knew...

I was wired for a deep, sacred connection to the divine. 

But the only paths I could find felt stiff, rigid and hollow.

I was writing a dissertation about sex trafficking, 
going to church every week and praying, and worrying that there were these dark, selfish parts of me.

Worrying I might be beyond repair somehow.

I thought my desires & unruly inside led me away from God, because they pulled me away from church, but instead... they dropped me at the steps of an even more beautiful cathedral....

I learned that my desires were a portal to the divine.

Spirituality. Sexuality. Sacredness. Sensuality.

your desires are a portal to the divine.

your desires are a portal to the divine.

And as I redefined my relationship with God and connected myself to the divine, what I found was that the way to truly serve and help the world started with being my true self.


Being led back to pleasure, desire, self-love, romance, and healing. 


Devotion -- our July program inside of The Intimacy Incubator -- is the path through the garden & the labyrinth that I took to get there.

From Divinity School at Yale studying Mary Magdalene to the beaches of Bali where I healed my heart, from the bathroom floor sobbing to darkening the doorway of the temple.

Let's create the space we longed for. Where questions and reverence and haunting and holiness weave together. 



What does God mean to you? What feels magical, divine, and guided in your life? How do you long for it to all weave together?

Let the feminine wisdom of this moment offer you a new way home, to you.

Religion and the divine and... 

your pleasure,
and sexuality.


Redefine your own personal sacred relationship or craft a whole new one.

You get to make this whatever you want, whatever you decide.

You define what is magical in this divine universe, to God, to angels, to the stars, to love.

Module 01

pandora's gift: gathering & belonging


Module 02

your purpose is calling


Module 03

untangling from the past & deepening in the divine


Module 04

honoring your sacred vision & beautiful mission


Module 05

pleasure, desire & devotion



Zoom Q&A with Kimberly


How it works: This is a live program with Kimberly that will be taught from July 12 - July 21. When you sign up, you'll receive the schedule and be invited to join our private members' space where all videos will be provided. This program will include one live coaching Q&A with Kimberly over zoom, in addition to the live modules. You are invited into the mystery, the magic, the deepening. In 5 modules, you will be invited to craft the relationship with the divine feminine that you most desire now. We will be covering the topics of sacred sexuality, devotional practice, religion + money, your spiritual + self love spells, and what divine reverence looks like in your life right now. You can join us live or watch the replays when it feels comfortable to you. It's all for you.

Devotion is...

Devotion is...

....your invitation to something deeper.

For so many of us, underneath it all is the thing underneath the thing...

Why we aren’t moving forward and charging more, why we aren’t having the love and sex we truly want, why we feel guilty when we wear’s about religion.

Let’s peel it back.

Devotion is...



it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Religion, belief and what you hold sacred.

Your body, your questions and what you want.


They can all come together and create MAGIC.

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