If you are a coach, you are working with trauma whether you know it or not...

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To truly hold space as a coach, teacher & leader in our world we must do the work to be trauma-informed, cognizant of healing journeys, and willing to do the messy work of intimacy leadership in in ourselves, our businesses and our industries.


For our clients,
for our companies,
for ourselves.

Be one of the people leading the charge to create a world where healing from trauma and assault, coaching guided by pleasure, business based on consent and liberation, embodied healing & freedom, and a deep commitment to one another are prioritized.

The Uncovered Coach Certification

Become a Trauma-Aware Coach Using the UNCOVER Methodology and Grow a Profitable Business Helping People.


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Do you feel ready to help your clients experience lives of pleasure, joy and deep connection?

Do you worry you won't know what to say if a client brings up trauma from their past?

Do you long to feel even more intimately connected to your coaching work, knowing you can show up for anything?


Hi, I'm Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton

Hi, I'm Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton

Hi, I'm Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton

Not that long ago I was struggling to reach all of the people in my world who needed my help. It felt like there would never be enough hours in the day to teach and coach on trauma healing, rediscovering pleasure, and finding joy in their lives.

Then I realized that it wasn't going to stop with me. I decided it was time to package what it is I do and how I do it, and share it with other coaches so they could use it, too.

I took my work and my process, on uncovering myself, intimacy wound work, trauma healing work, as well as my experience building my 7 figure coaching business, UNCOVER, and created The Uncovered Coach, a certification in learning it all.

Now, it is my joy and honor to help others start or augment their own coaching practice, offering all I have learned and created along my own journey. 


This intensive certification program will run from September to December, and will offer an in-depth fluency in the methodology of UNCOVER by Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD.

Upon completion, students will have the opportunity to apply for certification as an UNCOVER Coach, and to learn more about the opportunity to license UNCOVER materials for their own use. Students may also simply integrate the trauma and intimacy work of The Uncover Methodology into their own practice & businesses, with proper citation of Uncover by Kimberly Rose Pendleton, PhD. 


By the end of this program, students will be able to demonstrate proficiency with the proprietary concepts of Uncovered Intimacy, Intimacy Leadership, the 5 Uncover Intimacy Wounds, and the 6 part Uncover Methodology.

In addition, students will be able to discuss and deftly utilize trauma tools to better serve their communities and clients, and, upon approved completion of their certification, may refer to themselves as certified trauma-informed coaches.

This will be run inside of a private members’ site with a community housed in our private facebook group, as well as stored in a private members’ site for clients, who will maintain lifetime access to this work as well as all future updates to the program.


Essentially, the work of being an UNCOVER coach is to embody the methodology in your own healing and empowerment journey, utilize the methodology to create massive transformation for your clients & community, and finally, to allow the methodology to guide you in crafting a thriving, incredible business with integrity, compassion and heart.

By the end of the program, you will be ready to launch or grow your own business or non-profit, taking this work out into the world where it belongs:


Ready to become an uncovered coach?

Healing your trauma will be the #1 thing that will transform your business and unleash success that is sustainable and sweet.




In-depth training on everything you need for your own healing and awakening and how to facilitate powerful change in others with a trauma-informed lens.

You will get access to the module content, dripped out with a suggested schedule via a private Member's Portal and Private Facebook Group.

The Fall 2023 round will have 3 new modules and 3 coaching/Q&A sessions to attend live.



Lifetime access to a resource bank of tools, workbooks, practices, support to draw upon, and all future updates to the program.


  • Tools and embodied practices for your own sexual healing, freedom, and growth.
  • Trauma informed sexual awareness, along with practical and holistic coaching skills.
  • Techniques and strategies to facilitate group and private growth for students, clients, and gatherings.
  • How to create and lead transformational workshops, and lead retreats.
  • Resources, guidance, and systems for marketing and sharing your work with the world.
  • Everything you need to know to create a thriving business that is trauma-informed, holistic and heart-centered.

The Uncovered Coach Curriculum

In the first section of your training, you will learn The UNCOVER Methodology, as well as the deeply important skills of embodying the inner transformation that you will lead clients through.

Part 1: Healing with The Uncover Methodology

Module 1.1 - Welcome to the Work: Intimacy, Trauma, Pleasure & Leadership

Module 1.2 - The Uncover Methodology; Part 1: Healing
Nervous System Work, Trauma Work, The 5 Uncover Intimacy Wounds and the Impact & Depth of Healing in Your Leadership

Module 1.3 -  The Uncover MethodologyPart 2: Desires
Vision & Crafting Your Dream Life, Your North Star, Fears & Limiting Beliefs, and the Shadow Sides of Our Desires

Module 1.4 - The Uncover MethodologyPart 3: Embodiment
Tools for Dropping Into the Body, Reclaiming Your Senses & Sensuality, Intimacy with the Body After Trauma, and Intimacy with All of Ourselves

Module 1.5 - The Uncover MethodologyPart 4: Pleasure
Pleasure & Danger, The Uncover Sensual Revolution Method, Pleasure Education, Pleasure as a Portal for Transformation and Pleasure as a Healing Tool

Module 1.6 - The Uncover MethodologyPart 5: Intimacy & Relationships
Magnetism & Unblocking Attraction, Deep Connection, Conflict & Boundaries, Depth & Intimacy, and the Uncover Medicine of Opening to Receiving 

Module 1.7 - The Uncover MethodologyPart 6: Empowerment
Reclaiming Your Heart, Your Power & Your Magic with the 7 Steps to The Uncover Methodology (& Preparing to Utilize it with Your Clients)

Module 1.8 - Anchoring
The Uncover Practice that Seals in the Methodology

*NEW* LIVE Module 1.9 - Stable Growth: The Regulated Nervous System of The Intimate Entrepreneur 



In the second section of your training, you will learn to bring your trauma informed awareness to your clients as a coach, teacher and leader.

Module 2.1 -  Intimacy Leadership
Uncovered Intimacy in Leadership as we Lead Ourselves, Clients, and as Thought Leaders in the Field

Module 2.2 - Trauma & Transformation
Holding Space for Deep Healing as a Coach and as a CEO

 Module 2.3 - Uncover Application
How to Coach with Uncover Trauma & Intimacy Tools

Module 2.4 - Boundaries & Structure
Containers for Your Energy, Your Clients, and Your Work

Module 2.5 - Your Body of Work
Claiming Your Unique Coaching Methodology and Weaving Trauma & Intimacy Tools into Your Work as a Leader, Teacher, Coach & CEO

*NEW* LIVE Module 2.6 - Gathering: Leading Retreats & VIP Days as a Coach


In the third section of your training, you will learn to bring your work into the world and be highly, divinely compensated while still upholding uncover principles of intimacy, consent, and trauma-informed healing-focused connection with your community.


Module 3.1 -The Uncovered Marketing Method
Claiming Your Unique Coaching Methodology and Weaving Trauma & Intimacy

Module 3.2 - Uncovered Intimacy in Leadership
Trauma-informed Presence & Intimacy Work as a Leader

Module 3.3 - Intimacy, Wealth & Magnetism
Abundance and Awareness as You Grow Your Business and Receive Money

Module 3.4 - The Embodied CEO
Running Your Business as an Authentic, Uncovered CEO

Module 3.5 - Your Living Legacy
The Body of Work You are Creating & the Mark You’re Leaving on the World

*NEW* LIVE Module 3.6 -  Intimate 6 & 7 Figure CEO: Scaling & Growing as an Intimate Leader as You Build Your Business and Your Savings



Part 4: Weaving UNCOVER into the World 

Module 4.1 Integration & Adaptation
Integrating the Uncover Methodology into your Work, Utilizing the Uncover Methodology as a Licensed Practitioner &/or Certified Uncovered Coach

See our 2023 syllabus, live schedule overview + suggested schedule HERE.

 Get trauma aware training in both your coaching and your healing practices.

Lead with your values,

heal your heart,

share your expertise

& upgrade your life.



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The 5 Intimacy Wounds
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The Trauma Informed Coach

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Get to Know Dr. Kimberly Rose Pendleton

Six years ago, I sat on a Bolt Bus from New York City to Washington, DC and pressed 'publish' on the very first UNCOVER post.


I was ready to share all that I had learned and practiced about healing, empowerment, sexuality, intimacy, and  ending our way back to what is sacred within us.

Six years later, I have worked with hundreds of clients, reached thousands in my audience, and generated over 5 million dollars in revenue.

As I've gotten to know other coaches and see other business operate one the years, what I've found is that I do things somewhat...uniquely.

My methods, my teachings, my trainings, and my strategies allow us to stay intimate and close, without burning out, getting bitter, or feeling overwhelmed by our coaching. It also allows for a wildly profitable and peaceful business, something many coaches have yet to master.

I'm so happy to report that my work helps equip UNCOVER Coaches with what they need to not only follow in my footsteps, but to build off of what I have created and create their own unique magic.

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  • The only coaching certification that focuses on the uncover methodology of trauma-aware coaching, and thriving trauma-informed business practices taught by a professor & seasoned coach with a successful 7 figure businesses
  • All module content to keep forever as your reference library
  • Four of my favorite courses as a bonus to dive in right when you sign up: The Trauma Informed Coach, Uncovered Leadership, The 5 Intimacy Wounds, and Abundance.
  • Access to a private Facebook Group for community and support 
  • Comprehensive workbooks to keep and utilize for your future journaling, content & client work
  • Templates & guidelines to utilize in your own business, including program materials and contracts
  • The opportunity to teach & offer UNCOVER in your own business as a certified UNCOVER coach or as a licensed UNCOVER teacher
  • If you choose to get certified (at no extra charge) you will receive a beautiful letterpress certificate, as well as a digital badge to share on your website. 
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  • The Uncovered Coach Certification is ~ 4 months long, from September to December.

  • When you sign up, you'll have immediate access to the 4 bonus courses: The Trauma Informed Coach, Uncovered Leadership, The 5 Intimacy Wounds, and Abundance.

  • The Certification content will begin September.

  • Most of the program content will be pre-recorded, and will drip out in trimesters with a suggested schedule that's spacious for you to catch up on in your own time, as well as an opportunity to attend some modules/calls live.

  • There will also be 6 live calls - 3 new modules, and 3 Coaching/Q&A calls - 2 live calls per trimester. 
    You can view our 2023 detailed syllabus and schedule HERE.

  •  Once you have gone through all the pre-recorded and live content material at the end of December, you will be able to apply for Certification.

  • After your submission is approved, you will have an opportunity to be listed within our directory if you choose, and will be mailed a physical copy of your certificate. 

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Get lifetime access to the course and all updates

Join the certification live every year as an alum if you choose to & access updates to supporting materials and on-going education as an UNCOVER coach



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