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What is intimacy?

I have to start this week’s blog with the admission that I'm reveling in this juicy, excited mix of feelings that comes with the work I do with UNCOVER.

I get to spend my days having these amazing conversations with artists, entrepreneurs, and creative, powerful people who really want the world to be filled with love, beauty, and connection.

I just had to let the gratitude I'm feeling spill over, because this work is so fulfilling!

Ok, deep breath. Sigh. Now we can get to today’s subject. 

I wanted to talk a little bit about why intimacy is threaded through my work, and what it means. A common question is, “Do you just mean sex?” 

Of course, that's a piece of it, but it is just one piece.

Intimacy is also how we feel in our bodies – both letting ourselves feel and heal any pain AND letting ourselves feel and access more and more pleasure.  Even beyond that, intimacy is an invitation to come closer. 

To come closer to your desires and also to your worries or fears – be they in your body, your relationships, your business, or any other sphere of your life.  Intimacy is the portal to feel it all and to know that you can handle it.  In our world that is so divided, intimacy is the healing balm.

I know so many of us have felt disconnected these days. If you slow down, take a deep breath and tune in, can you hear it?

That whisper of intimacy beckoning you to come closer?

Closer to your partner, your families, your friends, your clients, and your community.  Can you hear that intimate whisper (or sometimes roar)  inviting you to show them who you really are? Get real, get honest, get vulnerable, be brave. Intimacy will allow you to fall so deeply in love with your life.  What I’ve seen again and again is that, as you come closer, everything painful gets to turn into your greatest teacher and that everything beautiful gets to emerge for what it truly is.

This is a divine celebration that you are so worthy of. Intimacy is ultimately you getting closer with yourself and you getting closer with everybody who you are in connection and in community with.



Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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