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Unshrouding The Seductress

Everyone I talk to has spent the last ten or eleven months struggling to connect with themselves. We've all been in survival mode, in whatever capacity that's looked like for us. Don’t get me wrong, so many of us birthed something in this time and it’s been magical. We’ve started businesses. We've written book proposals. We've had babies. We've started relationships and we've ended relationships. It’s incredibly important and for some, it has felt like its own new beginning. But there's also this shrouded covered feeling on so many of us. A piece of us that was left behind or buried. The piece that has been covered underneath all the blankets is that seductress side. We started off with a descent into just being comfortable. We want to be cozy. We want to be safe. We want to be so comforted. I know the slippery slope because I've been on it too. The feeling of “I don't know how to get back out of this.” It’s a feeling of being piled under all these blankets and we don't know how to get out again.

Calling In A New Self

It can be hard to call the Seductress back in and here’s why. You’re not actually looking for the same version of who you were before. You’re not going to look at pictures where we felt beautiful once a few years ago and think, “Do I put that shirt back? Do I do my hair that way again? Before I had kids, before the pandemic, before I became more ‘me’. Do I go back there?”. That's not the answer. What we're doing now is carving out an entirely new way of being our seductress self. You have graduated from where you were before and everything that made you feel beautiful, sexy, and alive. You're ready for the next level. This may be your first time exploring this side of you but in this phase, you're integrating everything that you've experienced; the grief, the trauma, the sadness, the overwhelm of the last year, the exhaustion, and the over-giving. We have been taught that these parts of us bring us down and there’s also maybe there's a flirty seductress side. She must push all of those parts away, drown them out with alcohol or compartmentalize so that she can be her full fun, and bubbly self.

Of course, we're not willing to do that right now. We're trying to explain to our children that over 500,000 people have died. We're trying to stand up for justice. We’re trying to change the world. We're trying to be there for our clients, or our friends, and their hearts are breaking. We're trying to fall in love and we're busy. It doesn't feel like it's the right time to just push all of those serious, deep, hard places down so that we can just put on some lipstick and dance around our living room. But what if it weren't the case? That to be that seductress who is free and tapped into her sexuality, you had to get rid of those parts of you or silence them? What if those parts got to come too? The parts that have felt so impossible and hard. The parts that broke us. The parts where our bodies were hurting.

Bringing It All Together

When we have the capacity to go into that depth, we can hold so much more beauty. This is seductress energy that is also so wise. If you've done any work on archetypes, you may be starting to see that in my work, we break the rules a little bit. Instead of it being a vixen one day and a great mother or queen on another day, we bring it all together. This is a moment that needs the uncovered woman who is all of it. She’s in her seduction. She is wise. In her wisdom, she hasn't stopped being a magnet, stopped being in her body, or stopped being so sexy. It's more. It’s all amplified. She could be grieving. She can be orgasming. She can be everything. We know that this is the only actual option. This is an era of the seductress. It includes the depth, our deepest longings, and the shadow. It’s all of it.


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