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The Uncover Community

Why is community so important?

Our Uncovered Woman Community accelerates our work and is what rockets people from feeling like, “Oh maybe this could be for me, I don't know” all the way to “I am a powerhouse woman. Everything has changed.” It does that in the space of such a condensed, joyful container when you're not doing it alone.

Society is giving women and girls a depiction of what it means to be “sexy”. So much of what we're sold in the marketplace and in our lives is a vision of women's sexuality and it’s all about being taken or being seen, being consumed, being a certain way of for someone else. It isn’t about your liberation. But that’s what we are doing. That’s what we are pioneering in this community and in my flagship program, that is a different vision. It's not about them. Ultimately, it's about you. What you desire and what you want.

The Status Quo

We have talked a lot about visibility and why it can feel dangerous and that is a shadow piece of this work. It’s not something that everybody talks about. Many love and relationship coaches, those in this space, the books that are out there, they don't even touch this side of it because they're all focused on results. They’re focussed on getting you a boyfriend or keeping your marriage alive or “Five days to do…”. Don’t get me wrong, that can be super helpful. It can be really fun and playful. I love to see what other people are doing and bring anything that's useful back to my community. At the same time, it’s important to remember that there's so much more around shame, power, fire and community that we are afraid of. It never gets touched. Those spaces don’t scratch the surface. It’s more about “here’s how to navigate the status quo”. That’s one of the gaps that we're navigating in this market of helping women feel empowered.

Do you want to navigate the status quo or do you want to change it?

Making Room

That’s really where this work is. That's what this community is about. That's what we're doing here. This is all about making an authentic space for women and then letting it be true that you got to show up in exactly who you really are, allowing your true self to change. You don't have to be squeezed into a little box. We get to show up as just who we are. Letting yourself out. We make room for everything that comes in.

This is your invitation for bigger dreaming, and it starts with these internal shifts that you've already been doing. Know that you're not alone. You're not alone in the big picture. We're not asking you to and you shouldn't have to. I want you to join us and feel like you have that support. I want you to feel like you're allowed to bring all of you there. The messiness of magic. It’s all part of it.

Your homework is just to really think about what you need in terms of community to unleash that inner goddess, to unleash that passionate, vibrant, sexy version of you. The one who's been coming out day-by-day in this space. What kind of community do you need to move forward? Allow your heart, your body, your pleasure, your sense of that future self to weigh in and let you know if our space and our community is one that's calling to you. If that sounds good and if that feels like a shift that you're ready to make, not just for yourself, but for all of us, for all women, I invite you to join us. We’d love to have you.


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