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The Power of Choosing Pleasure

expansion fear magic pleasure Oct 18, 2021

Hi, loves….

I am laying in bed in my coziest sweater, coffee in my moon mug, feeling the power of letting our most mundane moments feel pleasurable.

Yet, for so many of us, it’s not so easy to do.

Why is that?

Let’s talk about it.

I want to open up a bigger dialogue on the power of pleasure and why it can feel so bold to take these moments of our lives and let them be more… special. A slower sip of coffee. Wearing the special thing… now.

It can often feel so foreign in a way.

When you talk openly about ppleasure, from sexual pleasure (which is probably the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they hear the word pleasure) to just having a pleasurable experience working or eating, it can often make us feel guilty. 

So many people, especially women, have no idea what makes them feel good. 

They don’t know what makes them happy and they have no idea what it is they do for fun. 

Most women don't know what brings them pleasure. 

Even if they don’t know that that’s the issue and are not talking about it in that way.

We have a sense that pleasure…

what soothes your system, 

what can delight your senses,

what makes you feel alive…

is often presented to us as a danger. 

This will distract you.

This will bring out the worst in you.

At least this is how it felt for me. 

And in my body, there was this sense that I would become a bad person if I even gave a little bit of thought to what brings pleasure to my life. 

Instead, what I found, as I started to unlock pleasure codes in my life, was a kind of energetic understanding, and even a sense that this is actually shifting the way I think and the way I feel.

That's what the pleasure portal is all about — living in the unlocked pleasure codes. 

I found that instead of pleasure removing me from the world or from people, or even removing me from care, which is kind of like what the big fear was, it brought me so much closer. 

It brought me into my body, into the present moment into being able to see what's around me, what needs to be done and gave me an understanding of who needs what. 

I was actually able to show up fully.

There's so much to share and so much to give, rather than settling into that scraping, empty feeling of keeping myself small. 

From that place of staying small and striving for the martyr trophy, I wasn’t really able to give much at all. Or worse, I would give and I would feel so much resentment. 

Spoiler alert: People can tell if you're showing up for them and you hate it. 

They can feel that you hate them a little bit and that you hate your life. 

You're not doing anyone any favors.

You would be better off taking the afternoon and having a slice of cake and a glass of champagne somewhere, reading a magazine for a few hours, and coming back refreshed and full of pleasure. 

Rather than showing up to help, but being a scrooge about it. 

You would be better off diving into pleasure, and so would everyone else in your life. 

It gets to get better & better & better.

For all of us. 😍

The Pleasure Portal — my 9 month mastermind — is enrolling now. If you want this to be the rhythm of your life… read on. ❤️❤️❤️

Do you crave a sacred circle of goddesses supporting you as you tackle your dreams in the coming year?

There are only two more spots available in the Pleasure Portal Mastermind & one of them might be yours. ❤️

Retreats, guest teachers, 1:1 coaching, and deep gatherings designed to get at the deepest layers of your goals & life, but most importantly: sisterhood.

Other inspiring, creative, ambitious women who want the same things you want:

to heal,
to hold space for an exciting new future,
to love deeply,
to live authentically.

You don’t have to be local,
you don’t have to have a plan,
you don’t have to know anything about goddesses or glitter,

you just need to be longing for more.

They aren’t going to teach you feminist theory or how to orgasm more easily in business school — but they should.

You don’t read about sexual healing and trauma in Forbes — yet.

(Soon this is going to be in there because I’m going to write it, but until then... 😉)

Leadership is not the dry fake authority that leads to power grabs and scarcity-based competition masquerading as marketing.

Leadership rooted in love expands and it expands you.

It means your business thrives as you help people, it means you feel your feelings, it means you are serving from such deep love that abundance can’t help but flow to you.

In The Pleasure Portal Mastermind, you will:

🌹Learn the structural underpinnings of your limits, and the mix of mindset and real life awareness that we need to change them — not just one or the other

{ie: we aren’t “love & light”-ing away structural racism, and we also aren’t denying your deep magic ⚡)

✨Feel the expansive power of trauma healing & uncovering your core intimacy wounds so that your expansion & success feels safe & even

{ie: you aren’t losing it if posting about your newest offers makes your heart race—you’re in trauma response, and it’s heal-able with healing, and you get to be it all.}

💦Intimacy & pleasure as a tool for deeper, braver love and wilder leadership - just what we need for the new world

{ie: if my posts about pleasure make you a little squeamish but you also long for more—welcome to the club. The sexy but sort of scary club. 😬}

💰Empowerment around receiving and wealth and generosity and service

{ie: if you’ve spent decades with the brainwashing that the only way to be successful is to work your body to the bone welcome to a new way of imagining and understanding thriving, where your success leads to MORE for other people, not less. And where you get to still be a human person, even as you do your deep work.}

Thriving. Flourishing. Blooming. Serving. 👈 None of this is what entrepreneurship is supposed to be about, but that’s what it gets to be for us.

Join us instead and spend the next 9 months creating your corner of the new world. One led by loving leadership and deep care. ❤️❤️❤️

2 more spots are available.

Explore & claim yours… www.kimberlyrosependleton.com/pleasure-portal


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