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The Journey To Emerge

Imagine we are all gathered around the same fireplace or fire pit with like cozy chairs and able to have one of those conversations where you walk away at the end thinking, “I really found my people.” People who are ready for deeper community. People who are wanting to be with other people who feel this way. People who want to live a big life, who want to love in a big way and make a big impact. People who hit that jet stream of feeling where the money is flowing, the love is flowing and you feel at ease and peace. Every time we take a step in that direction, unlocking a door for so many other people and especially so many other women, we get to do it together. One of my most important values that it gets to be fun the whole time.

Fueling Our Growth

I want our work to be so powerful that you walk away feeling activated. Like a button was pressed and you're ready. My journey has been to grow alongside our work so that I can keep holding it. It doesn’t run me over with like runaway growth, which I know we've all seen too, where people almost lose the thread or lose track of what this was all about and what they really wanted from it. So how do we emerge and grow in a way that's going to feel like fuel instead of pressure? One of the big pivotal reasons that we went with Uncover was for my family. I needed to become the person who was supporting us when my partner lost his job.

I know so many people are in that situation. You're not being invited to decide if this is really the moment that you want to step up or not. You're being beckoned upward because you are ready and because of your family or your community, or you suddenly feel, “Oh, I might not have chosen this time, but it looks like this is the time like we're going big”. I want it to feel like you have everything you need to do that because 2021 is going to be that for all of you. I really feel that I was sent last year. I felt like I was pushed off a ledge to go first so I could tell everybody else who needs it, exactly what they need to do the same thing.

Equipping Yourself To Emerge

Settle in and think about what would make you feel really prepared and equipped. Equipped is really the right word to think about how you want to walk through this year. In particular, I want you to pay attention to what feelings come up as you really feel into, “How do I want to feel in 2021? How do I want to feel in this new year?” Even if at first it begins with the process of elimination. “How do I definitely not want to feel?” can be a really good place to start. That can be really illuminating, but I want you to then think about how you could start to turn that information into a desire.


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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