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The Deep and Soulful Yes.

So this next part? This next part is the best part.

This is release. 

This is the big exhale. 

This is fingertips letting go. 

This is toes jumping, leaping off the ledge, your entire soul catching air. 

This is total submersion in a lavender-and-honey-filled bath, then, with a deep purpose-filled breath, you let the water cover your hair and face as well. You’re all the way in. 

This is acceptance. 

This is when we move into who we become. 

There’s a freedom, an indescribable  incandescence to this moment that is something akin to fun. But it’s so much deeper than that. 

I’m saying yes to my future self. I’m fearlessly and unapologetically stepping into my mission. I’m putting on my crown and coming into my own. 

This is the deep and soulful “Yes.”

But how can we stay here? How can we live in our deep soulful yes? How do we set up our lives for ease of purpose? How can I minimize resistance between myself, and who I want to be and what I want to do? Here are just a few ways you can spend less time in crisis and resistance and more time in your deep and soulful yes?  


First Lesson: Make Besties With Your Wise Woman

Some of us are already doing the work of seeking out and listening to our inner wise woman. She is deep within you, literally birthing your deep and soulful yeses. She is intuition and mindfulness. Once you really get tuned into her, start connecting and listening to her, the frenetic nature of decision-making and purposeful living gets a lot more calm. There is a lot less drama. There is an immense amount of pleasure. There is a lot more pleasure. It doesn’t happen overnight. And even after we’ve built a meaningful relationship with her,  sometimes, damn it, we simply do not feel like listening to her. That’s totally okay. This is not about perfection. Perfection is a myth. This is about your journey. Which brings us to my next point: Process. 

Second Lesson: It’s A Process. More Importantly, It’s Your Process. 

The first thing that your inner wise woman will tell you once you meet her? You truly are exactly where you are supposed to be right now. It is so easy to get caught up in low energy: jealousy and comparisons and wishing we were someplace else in life. We start scrolling on social media, looking at someone our same age or–heaven forbid, someone younger!--and begin comparing their lives to ours. Put the phone down and return to Lesson 1. Because your inner wise woman will tell you the truth: you don’t know that person’s story. Moreover, you don’t know yours. There is so much more to your life, so much limitless possibility. Start focusing on the pages of your own book, your own process, your own story. It really is a good read. Stay connected. Stay in it. Besides, you are the one who gets to write it.  


Third Lesson: Drop The Fear Of Mistakes. You Can’t Get Your Purpose Wrong. 

Sometimes, this deep inner work can begin to feel a lot like school. We’re trying so hard to grow, evolve, level up, and really feel right in our life decisions. That desire can create the misleading belief that we can get our purpose wrong. And that’s a terrifying thought. To accidentally completely take the wrong path, live your life completely wrong, and spend our senior years in deep regret.

I’m going to tell you this unequivocally right now: That simply isn’t possible.  

This inner work, this connecting to self doesn’t really work that way. 

What you are meant to do is so much less important than who you are meant to be

Who you are allowed to be. 

That daily uncovering of you is always going to lead you back to you. 

Your work on this planet, your ideas, your creations will clearly and intentionally flow from the authentic and powerful you that you are uncovering daily. So you literally can’t get it wrong. In fact, that deep and soulful yes is you, singing from your very soul. 


So leap with me. Dive in. Accept. Breathe. Live. Your. Yes. 



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