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The Best-Case Scenario

I just wanted to share a quick intimacy lesson today that is based on a call that I had last week with one of my beloved clients.

We talked about what happens when you live in the energy of the best has yet to come. 

What happens when you allow yourself to put your guard down on preparing for the worst-case scenario and choose to deepen into this idea that this is only the beginning.

We are all really good at thinking about worst-case scenarios, aren’t we? 

Or thinking about what we would do or what might need to happen if things didn’t work out how you’d hoped.

And that is a really beautiful, amazing part of our brain and system to help us be ready for the worst. 

Many of us have to use that part of our brain to help us take care of things happening in our lives. 

And to take care of our family. 

But what happens in your body and spirit when you start imagining that the best has yet to come?

That this is just the beginning. 

Everything good in your life is just building on the idea that so much more is on the way. 

Today I invite you to soften that part of you that is so ready for the worst to happen and dial up a little bit of that sense that this has only just begun. 

It’s just the beginning. 

Everything good that you have, there is about to be more. 

All of the momentum that you’re creating, all of the movement, and wonder are becoming better and better from here. 

Plan for the best-case scenario. 

Wonder and daydream and plan for all of the good that is coming. 

You don’t have to turn off that part of your brain that knows how to take care of yourself when you need to but lean into what it feels like if you really believe that the best has yet to come. 


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