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Stepping Into Your Power

A lot of the coaches that I mentor are moms. 

These women don’t want to be stuck doing the old 9-5 routine that often turns into 9-9 or worse.  They want to be able to build their career around their family.  They want to lean into their purpose-driven work AND be deeply present to their loved ones.

They are actively creating a work dynamic that lives and breathes with them. 

Part of my work is mentoring these women to fold my methodology into their work so that they can be more powerful and more supported in what they do. The goal is work that feels like it’s as nourishing to them as they are to their clients, students, or whomever they serve. This kind of deep exchange will begin to grow outside of their lives and touch others. The bigger picture for all of this is that your thriving in the work that you do allows for more healing to transpire around the world. 

Put like this, it feels obvious, simple even.  In real life, this process of stepping into your power requires every part of you. And sometimes doubt can creep in. 

Maybe you’re hesitant to take your business to the next level, or maybe you’re someone who’s been waiting to start your business but you don’t feel confident in your ability. 

Perhaps you feel, and I have personal experience with this one, that you’re doing it. You’re doing everything you “need” to do in the business, but you aren’t 100% invested. There’s a part of you that still doesn’t quite believe in what you’re doing. 

We all need something a little different to truly step through this portal into our power.  Some people need a prod to start. Others need encouragement to push to that next level, to go just a little bit bigger because they’re almost there. And some people are holding back a part of themselves. You can’t fully step into your power by holding yourself back. You have to bring all of you, no edits. 

We also get to push back against this idea that we’ve all inherited that you can either do work that matters or do work that feels good to you. That’s it. These things are opposite ends of the spectrum and they can’t coincide. HA! No. If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s that we can definitely change our perspective on work. We’re going to build a bridge between work that matters and work that feels good. I want to anchor you to the idea that feeling good is an essential part of you making a difference. The better you feel, the more healing you allow yourself to do, and the more resourced and supported you are, the more fully you are able to step into your power.  

This is what The Intimacy Incubator is for. This is where we do the work, this is where you have the support that allows you to be your fully uncovered, fully realized self. What allows you to have an epic, adventurous, robust life is directly linked to you using your voice right now in a way that is crucial. Believe me, it feels amazing!



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