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Say Goodbye to Self Criticism

When you are about to fall asleep, does your brain do this too?

Run through the list of every single thing you could have done differently that day.

The moments you snapped at your kids.

The stupid fight with your partner.

The dazed panic scrolling while you flipped through your phone, wondering how everyone suddenly got so good at baking sourdough bread. (??!) It’s tempting not to look in the mirror and immediately start criticizing everything.

It’s tempting to blame yourself for not being farther along.

Why aren’t you doing more, feeling better, learning to jog?

Why is it so easy to see everything you wish you’d said and done differently?

What if it could all feel different?

What if you could feel beautiful, and like everything you say is right? (Because your cup was so full that you don’t need to pick yourself apart.) What if you felt electric and alive?

What if you felt deep APPROVAL of yourself?
And, like magic, that nagging voice of comparison, jealousy, or worry that you could be doing it “wrong” melted away…

What if you knew how to fall deeply in love with yourself, for real.

I’ve watched this same core issue hold back brilliant, powerful, ambitious women for so long- with my clients, my friends, my family.


The Intimacy Incubator

That’s why I created The Intimacy Incubator- to provide all the training, tools, resources, and support for you to finally cultivate a sexy, safe, feminist, free, and pleasure-filled love life.

The Intimacy Incubator is not a course, it’s a way of being. It’s a living exploration of the deepest, most true, most important, most potent, most transformational aspects of our lives as women - the things that truly define us; the parts that when we finally heal, change everything.

Go from being constantly worried that you might have said or done the wrong thing, to learning The Secret Ingredients to Epic Confidence & Being BOLD. Go from being constantly afraid of being too much, to being fully electric and expressed, finally feeling so alive and deeply approving of yourself.

The Intimacy Incubator is a year-long program that teaches you practices, pleasures, and playful strategies to create a life all year round, through it all.


So go after it!


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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