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Seductress Theory

Our inner seductress is a theorist. She’s looking around the world and she’s taking it all in. Every whisper, every breath, every taste, every smell. She’s listening to everything around her and using it to make sense of how she’s feeling and how she can become her most full self. She has a hunger for more and instead of shutting down those desires, she opens herself up and honors them. 

I like to picture our uncovering as us stepping through a doorway and letting ourselves become. Become the seductress. Become the woman who stokes a fire in her soul. Become the light that shines to everyone around us. It’s our moment to expand and grow.

What changes do you see in yourself when you turn your fire all the way up?

Maybe you finally go for that job.

Or buy that house.

Or maybe it’s something small.

Wearing that red lipstick.

Immersing yourself in a hot bath.

It comes down to this:

What do you really want?

Systems Of Power

Here’s the truth:

So much of what feels unfair and hard in our lives comes from us not standing for what we really want. What really burns inside and calls us. We  give up our voice and our power.

But here’s the truth: it’s not our fault. If we look at the world around us through our feminist lens, we see that the systems in place are designed to take away our power. They are designed to make us feel disempowered. Because it’s far easier to control us and sell to us if we don’t feel worthy. It’s way too risky for these systems of power for women to feel empowered and step into their full selves. Why? Because if we start demanding more, demanding to get paid for our labor, those patriarchal systems will crumble.

Even in my field of feminist and women’s studies, there is a pervasive belief that we need to make a choice between our pleasure and sexiness and being the strong, empowered woman. When I was in university, I remember feeling like we were basically given the “either/or” option. It was never both. Such an important part of our work is bringing the two together. We can be connected to our sexuality and still show up in the fight. We can immerse ourselves in our pleasure, calling in that seductress energy and use that to step into our power. This is important now more than ever, as we expand into the world and explore our inner goddess.

Calling In Our Power

What we need in this moment is to deepen into our seductress energy. That energy is so powerful, so smart and sharp. Our seductress wants the whole world. Not because she's selfish, lazy, slutty, or any of those kinds of dangerous words that women get called. But because she’s awake. She’s sensing it all and she’s calling in her power to feel it all.

What does it feel like to be in this body?

What do I smell as this candle burns?

What do I see?

What is this tasting and feeling like?

What does it feel like to be listening to this music?

What turns me on?

What does it tell me?

We begin to not only understand the world around us but also really tune into our senses and embrace all parts of us.

And that's where our power lies.


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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