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Reimagining The Power Of Sisterhood

A Boss-Bitch Baptism in Paris

Something magical happened whilst I was in The City of Light. 

In a remarkable turn of serendipity, an entire posse of coaches were going to be in Paris at the same time. We don’t all do the same work, but we are all sensual, intimate, pussy-based businesses. Suddenly we were all converging in Paris and it felt very mystical and magical. 

Our last night together was an absolute highlight of the trip. One of the coaches was doing her boss-bitch baptism (DM me if you don’t know what that is!). We couldn’t have picked a better setting: on a boat, on a river, The Eiffel Tower sparkling, simultaneously drinking champagne and throwing it on her. We witnessed her declaration of self, what she was letting go of and stepping into proudly and confidently. It was an honor to witness, to take part, to soak up that magic, and shout declarations for ourselves. 

It’s difficult to explain the sheer magnitude of the night. There was dancing. There was wildness. There was unleashing. There was power.

There was sisterhood. 

Whoa. Cringe. Record scratch. Sisterhood? How many of you just rolled your eyes at me? 

I get it. The word “sisterhood” has certainly become franchised, commercialized, and bastardized to such a degree that it feels purposeless. Moreover, there is a deep distrust of the concept in general. Sisterhood wounds are real. And though I don’t discuss sisterhood a lot from my platform, I do champion healing of all sorts. 

So let’s unpack it. What’s the deal with sisterhood? 


Are You Playing Small for Your Sisters? 

Over and over again, I meet women who are holding back because of sisterhood. It can be actual sisters, a mom of close family structure, a group of co-workers or lifelong friends. These relationships matter. So these women play small. They are resisting the relationship, business, or life of their dreams because of the legitimate worry of outpacing their sister circle. Evolving past them. Losing them? 

Ouch. And also… what the actual fuck? 

How petty people feel about our dreams shouldn’t matter. But it does. We are hardwired for belonging. Humans need humans. 

How can we create less toxic spaces for sisterhood? 


Reimagining Sisterhood 

Possibly you are looking at our Paris pictures and something in you is whispering, possibly shouting: I want that. I need that. Stop craving it. Start creating it. Get online. Start talking to people who are like-minded. If you’re running a business, hire people whose energy you love, who will serve your current purpose, who will build, encourage, uplift, expand, and grow. My friend hired me as her coach to help her create a masterpiece. That work allowed us to be in each other's energy, rub off on each other, soak up each other’s magic. 

Though we can’t choose our family, or co-workers, or people we grew up with, we can absolutely choose our partners in the journey of our level up. We have power. We have choice. Let’s not treat sisterhood as something that happens to us, but a sacred resource where we have agency, choice, and possibility. 

Ultimately, we have to take responsibility for our own goddess circle. Choose wisely. Imagine wildly.  And live limitlessly. 




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