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Pleasurable Leadership

As leaders, we’ve inherited a narrative that says, “You can either do work that matters or you can do work that feels good to you.” It’s never both. Our work lies in bridging the gap between the two.

The Missing Link

In my work, I support really high-level women (and some men!) who are really craving deep, powerful healing so that they can do deep, powerful work in the world. Often that looks like healing intimacy wounds that have come from trauma, healing intimacy wounds that have come from fear and anxiety and feeling afraid of abandonment or rejection or disapproval. My work is about helping people to unhook from those wounds in us and to heal within ourselves so that then we can really lead in a bigger way.

What I'm seeing, especially right now, is that that leadership is not just about us anymore. It's not just about feeling better. The bigger picture that goes beyond just you and your life. There’s no doubt that’s important but the bigger picture is that you doing this work allows for more healing to transpire all around the world. I think that that's the missing piece. The missing link. There's this sense that some people need encouragement to just start. Some people need encouragement to go a little bit bigger, but I also see this part of them that feels like yes, they’re doing the work and it’s resonating and it’s opening them up but they’re also holding back part of themselves. They don’t allow themselves to believe that it's important.

What supports you? The things that allow you to have this kind of epic, adventurous, robust life is linked to you using your voice right now in a way that is needed and that feels really good. Bridging this gap between work that matters and work that feels good is not just making sense of two things that feel like they're opposites and holding that duality (which is completely the work of 2020). It’s something beyond that. You feeling good is part of you making a difference. The better you feel and the more healing you allow yourself to do, and the more kind of pleasure you allow yourself to access and the more resourced and supported you are, the better you can show up in this moment and the more important your work becomes.

Create The Infinity Loop

There are these ripple effects the flow out to who you show up for, who you serve, how you speak, how you use your voice and what you write and say. There is a lot of power in creating something flexible that lives, moves and breathes with you. Creating something that relates to your work in a way where it's not just you trying to nourish this, but it's actually a back and forth. Your work takes care of you and you take care of your work. That infinity symbol going forward and backwards in this exchange gets to be bigger and bigger so that you're getting cared for even more deeply and you're caring even more deeply. That's the goal. That's where our work lies. Part of my work is mentoring other coaches to fold in my methodology into their work so that they can be even more powerful and so that they can be even more supported. That what we're going for. We're going for work that feels like it's as nourishing to them as they are to their clients or their students or whoever it is that they're serving.


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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