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How To Feel Beautiful When The World Is Ending

If you’ve been following me for a long time, you know I’m a huge fan of flowers, books, candles, coffee, and all things self-care.

Honestly, I don’t separate these beautiful extras from the journey of healing. I’ve found that mixing together everyday pleasure can help you when dealing with the deeper, darker work that comes with breakups, grieving, trauma, and especially right now, fear. 

As all of this panic and fear is surrounding us, you may be wondering, how can I still show up for the world?

How can I be who I need to be while taking care of myself?

Or, how can I still feel beautiful?

During this time of quarantine, maybe you realized you’ve neglected taking care of yourself and now you want to know how it feels to feel sexy. I get it, a lot of my clients have expressed that it feels a lot harder.

You’re exhausted and nervous, and you’re not  motivated to feel like your inner goddess.

I want to jump into a few things I’ve been finding that have helped my clients and myself in this crisis. 

Start thinking about how you start your day.

Try and make it a pleasure-filled experience.

To be honest, even with running a successful business, I’ve never been the girl with a really structured morning routine.

I have been open to more routine in the past, and I do like it, but what has been true for me is that I need a morning routine that is rooted in feeling good.

If getting up at the crack of dawn and having a boot camp session feels good to you, great!

If it feels overwhelming, you are not a failure. :) This is just an invitation for a different, deeper way of beginning.

It might not feel easy to roll out of bed and start working right away.

What I suggest is to try and think of two things you can add to your morning that would feel so pleasurable, that you’re excited to get out of bed to do them.

For me, it’s making a really good cup of coffee, or taking a long walk with Nick to see the flowers.

It makes me feel really connected to pleasure and beauty.

I’m not thinking about how I can be the most productive, but instead, I invite my system into pleasure.

Getting grounded in beauty and pleasure can get us into a whole new productive zone!

The drill sergeant vibe is so rewarded in our society and it can be tempting to fall for it. You may be thinking, If I’m not yelling at myself to get sh** done, I’m not successful. Instead, let yourself come first and then see what you create and how you show up in the world.

Maybe this shows you that you need to switch up how you start your day. Do the things that fill you up before getting other tasks done. For me, it always comes back to pleasure. Never punishing myself for productivity, but using pleasure to create a routine that honors what I’m feeling and allows me to show up as my best self. On the days that I take a minute to do my hair, pick out a cute outfit, drink a lot of water, and do the things that make me feel a real human, the closer my life gets to that dream person and dream life.

Find what feels good and what inspires you!

What will you add to your day? How will you infuse more pleasure into your life? 



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