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Living inside of my vision board...

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2022
I'm excited to write to you today after a fun summer day of checking in on clients, packing for an upcoming trip to Italy and meeting girlfriends for lunch at a Mexican restaurant downtown. (I had nachos and a beer, and the best time.)
Now I'm home… on our cozy couch, Nick beside me reading and two sleeping cats on our laps. From here I can see the fresh roses that my neighborhood florist dropped off, and the door is open to my office… which is decorated as one part free people catalog & one part girl boss library. It's the first office I've ever had, and I feel so at home in it.
It's easy to take all of this for granted.

The love,
the life, 
the gratitude,
the space – both literally and in my schedule.

The thought that I could be spending my days connecting with brilliant women – clients, colleagues, friends on the internet – and having the conversations that I think matter MOST in this world, on trauma, on healing, on pleasure, on power…

The thought that I could be paying a team of 5 brilliant humans who are so talented at what they do…

The thought that I would be in love with every part of my schedule, every part of my work (believe me, that was not always the case…)

Honestly, I am living inside the vision board I used to dream of. In fact... my business began with vision board workshops... which I used to charge $7 for! Now... we are at 7 figures in a global brand I am so proud of.

And truthfully, the work that I did to create this life had everything to do with three things:

1. My own healing & intimacy work
2. My skills as a coach & mentor
3. My ability to monetize & grow the CEO side of me and run a successful business

These three elements are what I realized I needed to share with others, if they wanted to become a coach as well and create this kind of life, or their version of it.

That is why I'm so excited to invite you into:
The Uncovered Coach Certification

This work will transform your life, whether you are already thriving as a coach and desire to layer on trauma and intimacy expertise to better serve your clients, or whether you have been feeling ready to make the jump into coaching and you've simply been looking for the right certification.

Starting off or adding in the UNCOVER methodology that I'll be teaching inside of this program will fortify and nourish you, while helping you truly show up as the best possible support for your clients. You will heal your heart, upgrade your life and serve the world.
The Uncovered Coach Certification is a 4 month program taught by me. You will have lifetime access to the content, and an opportunity to apply for certification upon completion of the program (if you wish) at no additional charge.

This work will help you heal from sexual trauma, 
learn the tools to feel empowered and truly free,
show up in your relationships as a confident, sexy & brave goddess. 
Consider this your personal invitation to dive deep with me into a year that is still brimming with promise and potential. Something beautiful is awaiting you on the other side of this season. I would love to explore the opportunity to find it together.

Explore the Uncovered Coach certification here!

Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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