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Journal Prompts for Sexual Empowerment

Often, it feels overwhelming to even begin thinking about what we want, who we are, and what we desire.

Use these journal prompts to guide yourself into some deep reflection, go as deep or stay as playful as you want.

Grab a pen, pour some coffee, light a candle, and crack open your journal.

  • What is my earliest memory of being attracted to someone?
  • What messages did I get as a kid about love?
  • What was my first love?
  • When have I felt the most confident about my body?
  • What did I learn about sex growing up?
  • Who is someone I admire who seems confident? What do I love about her?
  • What is my secret fantasy?
  • What is one thing I desire to feel today?
  • How can I get some of that feeling, right now? 

Hope these help! I can't wait to hear what you uncover.




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