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Inviting In The Seductress

Uncategorized Jun 14, 2021

One of the watershed moments on our path to uncovering is inviting in the archetypes that allow us to open ourselves to our full empowered, uncovered self. And one of the first archetypes we invite in is The Seductress. The Seductress is the intensely sensual, sexually confident version of ourselves. Inviting this archetype in will look different for all of us.

Maybe it's a beautiful red gown and long-stemmed roses.

Maybe it's a leather jacket and sunglasses.

Maybe it's a bubble bath with a glass of champagne.

Calling In Our Sexuality

The seductress energy is essentially about being the woman who really owns her sexuality. The woman who isn’t scared to use it. The woman who is completely comfortable with her body and invites in the maximum pleasure. We can then use that energy to create that bridge between the safety piece around being seen and our incredible power in magnetism. We become an intoxicating presence. The one everyone wants to be around. The one everyone wants to know.

And the seductress becomes part of how we show up every day. If you've done any work on archetypes, you may be starting to see that in my work, we break the rules a little bit. Instead of it being a case of you’re The Vixen then tomorrow you’re the Great Mother or Wise Woman, we bring it all together. Because this is a moment that needs the woman who is in all her seduction and wise in her wisdom. Maybe she's on a motorcycle. Maybe she is being whisked away on a wine tour. For some of us, the seductress energy is not so much about clothing or an effect but something inside of us that’s allowed to come out. Maybe it’s to do with movement. A lot of my clients find dancing or moving their body in a certain way is where their seductress lies.

As we call the seductress in, we then get to be this example. We get to be both the smart one and the sexy one. The sweet and the spicy. When we get to uncover more of the parts of us, we end up feeling more powerful and we establish that safety around us. We become the safe person because everyone around us has permission to shine.

Embodying Our Energy

So take a little time and really invite yourself to think about what your inner seductress looks like.

How does she move?

What does she want?

What comes through you as you fully step into her?

Through the act of allowing her to come up to the surface, we can deepen into her energy and give ourselves the permission we need to embody her. We then give others the same permission. You shine so brightly that everyone around you lights up and then they get to turn their light on, and then they do the same thing.

So take a little time and really invite yourself to think about what your inner seductress looks like, what she moves, like, what she is wanting and what may want to come out through you as you really fully step into her role. Even like allowing her to come up to the surface. I want to hear either now or later about what that can look like and what comes to mind, even maybe giving yourself permission to think about what do I feel a little scared of admitting is that inner seductress is that kind of more seductive side of me? What could that look like?


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