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Intimacy Upgrades Everything

I have found there is something missing in the conversation around entrepreneurship and intimacy work. 


I think what is missing in the conversation around entrepreneurship coaching and intimacy work is the very apparent fact that they are deeply and intimately (no pun intended!) connected. 


In my years of doing this incredible work, I have found there is a direct correlation between the progress in intimacy and healing work and success in one’s business and career. 


Quite simply: Intimacy upgrades everything.


It is not such a foreign concept when we consider what being an entrepreneur really asks of us, particularly in a forward-facing, social media, influencer-driven market.  Whether selfies, stories, and lives come naturally to us or not, we’ve all had to consider it. The energy behind constant visibility, of putting ourselves out there again and again. The creativity and drive of consistently showing up, believing in yourself, taking photos, then more photos, posting, inviting people into your life. The relentless stream of “Hi. It’s me. Again. Please look at me.” 

But even from this direction, one may ask: what does sexuality, sensuality, love, dating, marriage, divorce, breakups, and all of it have to do with my desire to build a successful purpose-driven business that will impact the world? 



Though I’ve seen this with many clients, I am my best example. There are so many elements to the work I do that bring up feelings of exposure, disapproval, and anxiety. Even now, I at times wonder “what will people think of this? How am I going to show up?” Not to mention the logistic side of running a business. Everyone can relate to those internal feelings of: how can I find time to connect with my partner? My family?

Get some reading done?

Clean my  house!?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Be it logistics, limiting beliefs, or conflicting emotions, intimacy and healing work has connected, healed, and resolved a lot of these issues within my business. I have seen great success in my business since incorporating deep intimacy ideals and practices into my brand, my work, and my offerings. 

Like all healing work, intimacy will seek out the truth and reveal it to us. That’s the hard part of intimacy. Ultimately, we are glad for the revelation or epiphany, but at the time, the revelation may be painful. A choice we have to make. A space, place, or person we have to let go. We may be deep in our intimacy work and excavating feelings of suffocation or being trapped only to find it is a business partner we’ve outgrown. Or an intimate partner we’ve evolved past. Both situations are painful because you’ve built something together. Intimacy work brought you to that moment, and will heal you through it.  


There is a clear loop, a seamless flow in this connection between business and intimacy. We don’t have to work on our business, and then separately work on our intimate relationships. Not only are they connected. Relishing, dancing, skating within this loop creates an exponential growth effect that is absolutely powerful. 


It is not so wild when we really consider it. All the passion, drive, purpose, tears, commitment, sacrifice, and deep love it takes to build something that really matters. Like a thriving and impactful business. Like a loving and healthy relationship. Like a full and whole life. All of this is intimacy. And when we really unapologetically lean in, accept, and breathe in the fullness of it, we experience growth. Expansion. Evolution. Abundance. 


Intimacy. Upgrades. Everything. 



Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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