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Intimacy & Entrepreneurship

When I work with entrepreneurs, it often feels like we access a new energy in our intimacy, both in terms of our power and in terms of deeper levels of healing. But there is also this visibility and putting yourself out there. We need to show up and believe in ourselves. We invite people into our lives and that can often bring up a lot of our intimacy stuff. For me, I thought it would work in one direction. The more we worked on our intimacy, the better our businesses would be. But it happened the other way around too. The deeper we went into someone's business, the deeper I went into my business, the more my intimacy stuff came up for healing. I felt exposed. Not to mention the logistics side of it. “How do I fit in time with my partner or my family?” “How do I find time for dating?” And sometimes, when you're in entrepreneurship journey and the intimacy work that goes with it, it makes you realize you outgrew a partner. This can feel sad in the moment but also really liberating the moment right after. There’s a new feeling of freedom.

Intimacy and Business Interwoven

It just became this really clear loop in my mind that these two concepts go together. It wasn’t, as I’d thought, a matter of you are either working on your love and relationship stuff or you're working on your business. They are one in the same. I think I was almost pretending that you do the one at a time. There was a season for one and a season for the other. Of course, there can be seasons where you focus more on one than the other but I realized that the most powerful work that I was able to do was where I let them talk to each other. The deeper I went into the intimacy healing, the better things were happening in my business. I was able to show up authentically as me and deepened the friendships and the relationships that I was really meant for. This work all around this seductress is helping create that bridge between the safety piece around being seen in our fullest power and magnetism.

We can then learn to let that be part of how we show up both in that intimacy side of our lives and in that entrepreneurial side of our lives. We get to deepen where they overlap. We get to play and be this example that women can actually be both the smart one and the sexy one. The sweet and the spicy. We get to have this range and it's not something that's weird or out of the ordinary for you to desire it. When you get to uncover more of the parts of you, you end up feeling more powerful and establishing more safety all around you. You become a safe person to be around because everyone around you has permission to shine so brightly.

Permission To Shine

It becomes a ripple effect of permission. This is one of the deepest philosophies of my world, my team and the Uncover brand. When you shine, it shines a light so bright that everyone around you lights up and then they get to turn their light on and do the same thing. There’s more than enough. There’s an overflow. Don't feel bad that you're going to get what you need because you stepping in and turning your light on and allowing yourself to have more actually becomes the permission slip for everyone around you.


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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