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Intimacy as a Gateway

We were talking about pleasure and work and how you can actually mix them together rather than waiting and having pleasure be your reward. You can have it integrate into your work because that antidote to feeling lonely, feeling disconnected, feeling isolated is intimacy. It's getting closer, it's getting close up. And that requires so much courage.

It's not something to be put off until later or denied or thought of as extra. When we leave all that behind and we tune in and said to this sense, that intimacy is a gateway to everything else that I want. And to showing up as my full self and to really being present and cared for so that then I can be present and I can care for everybody else.

Then it becomes this kind of infinity loop of nurture and care and feeling really juicy and good rather than what we've been taught at. Kind of let me give and giving, giving, give, and then afterward, if there's anything left over, maybe I'll get some intimacy back. Maybe I'll get some pleasure back. Even letting myself think about it and sometimes put on the back burner until everything else is done. And sometimes it can even feel like that's the practical thing to do.

Deeper Intimacy 

 I am going to check off this box, this box, this box in this box. And then afterward I'll be able to look at this other corner. What I'm seeing is that this becomes a mirror in which you see all the ways in which denying this as a place of importance in your life has been a trap and that you're being invited.

We all are to move through this season as an initiation, into deeper intimacy, deeper intimacy with ourselves, with our own pleasure with our partners, with what we want with our desire and that instead of this being something that you'll get to later, it becomes a set of tools. It becomes a set of commitments and uncovering that's going to help you move through it. And that's really what I want to highlight today.


All about courage, courage, and its relationship to intimacy and why it feels so vulnerable and frankly, terrifying to be open and expansive, and that is deep intimacy, but also why that's where the thrill is.

Now what we're going to do next is start connecting. Some of these pieces are what it looks like in practical terms in your life, but your homework is going to be to write out what are the three things you find the scariest to reveal, or I feel the hardest to love about you.

Then three sentences humming from you. You two, you say, I love this about you and you can get as specific as you Y and terror really let yourself stay in the discomfort of it. It's going to open up possibilities for intimacy that are going to make you feel so much safer, so much more complete. So I hope that you love today. He had thanked you so much. I am so excited to hear what comes up for you and to talk to you more about this.


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.