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Growing Toward The Love You Want

When it comes to love, I feel like I’ve been in every place. From the time I met my former husband when I was younger to my divorce and being single again to my now forever, my journey through love has had twists and turns that I could never have anticipated. And I know so many of us have been on a similar journey. Every single one of us has a history and a narrative that has shaped our being and informs our choices.

Uncovering Our Path

In the process of Uncover, we see those narratives. We see what we, as women, hold deep within us. We see it all.

Women who are just beginning their ascendency but stuck in a marriage wondering why they’ve tethered themselves to someone who isn’t doing anything.

Women who are processing a breakup or divorce and feeling like they don't even know if they believe in love anymore. 

Women with their shields up because they cannot withstand another heart-shattering relationship.

Women who are single and dating and looking for their person or that connection.

Women who have that dream relationship with a partner that they are growing with and just want it to be even better and better.

And we believe, no matter where you are in your journey or in your love story, things get to get better all the time. You get to be more beautiful. You get to be sexier every day. Your work gets to be deeper and more profound. Your connections with your relationships and your friendships in your life get to be stronger and more magical. Everything gets to bloom.

Love Unfolding

And you get to apply that to love. It doesn’t expire. It doesn’t drift away. You get to have more and more of what you want, what you desire. And that act of growth is what helps us find our way to the love we want. The sad truth is that sometimes relationships are meant to end. It’s painful. It’s heartbreaking. But it’s also what opens us up to the kind of love that we are meant to have. It becomes about trusting yourself and trusting that growth is what will push you more towards the love that is meant for you, however it might look. 

As we deepen and find the courage to do this work, we begin to see that what is unfolding is always leading us toward more love. Every date, every text, every conversation, every fight, every time you make love, you're getting closer and closer to the love that you desire. And the more powerful you get, the more powerful your love gets to be. It is not one or the other. Every time you relax and deepen into your worthiness, you're part of a revolution.


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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