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Expansion, Emergence & Courage

We're in a pivotal moment.

We're walking through a portal.

We're being invited to really rise up, and it feels intense. This is intense work. That doesn't mean it's wrong or problematic. It's  going to be really fun. But if it feels like you could use a little extra support through it, you're not wrong.

The Missing Piece

So many of us are really ready. We're ready for our work, passion, and money to align. For me, that really happened when I started to put three key things into place: emergence, expansion, and, as I later found out, the glue that holds it all together; courage. Maybe some of you will relate to this. I remember thinking I needed a better system, better tech upgrades, or more money so I could pay more people. You might even be looking at me and seeing my team and thinking, “Oh, if I had more money, then I could have more people, and then maybe this could feel more like that.” But in that work and the way I was growing, there was a missing piece. Don’t get me wrong, all those things are good. I want every one of us to have as many resources, support tools, and systems as we desire. But I ended up really leaving out something big: courage.

I discovered that I’d really underestimated how much of that I was going to need and how it was going to show up in my work. If you have been following me even for a little while, it might seem like there's no problem with me. I’m baring my soul, and often I’m baring myself even more than that because I often post pictures from boudoir shoots. I love those. I'm an intimacy coach, and I love helping people connect to their sensuality and sexuality. So lingerie and pictures on a bed with candles burning and twinkle lights feels like a portal and a pathway into our work.

What if you were invited to think about your intimacy and fall in love with your beauty?

What if you were allowed to?

The Courage To Share

You can look at what I share and think, “Wow, she was never worried or embarrassed because here she is basically naked. Here she is telling a story about getting through a deep heartbreak or healing from trauma or having a tough conversation or a time she messed up.” Any of this vulnerable stuff, vulnerable worries with vulnerable photos. It’s hard. But maybe what's even more vulnerable than sharing the exposed stuff is that vulnerability I feel when I share what’s going well. I didn’t necessarily expect that to require courage.

When you share that work you’ve done to heal yourself or that your relationships are thriving, that can sometimes feel so much scarier. And I think it’s because, in my experience, people want to be with you in your sadness. They want to help, support, and nurture you, and because of that, it can feel edgy to brag or celebrate. Wherever it is on the spectrum in whichever one of those feels like a little bit stickier for you, courage is the bridge between the feeling that you could maybe one day share it to actually pressing publish. You wouldn't think that it would require so much courage to be visible and vulnerable, especially as you're creating your work online. But over the last year, that is the number one thing that helped me emerge, and it required my courage. What came through was the courage to expand. Each time with each push, I felt myself stretch a little bit bigger and encompass just a little bit more. It was wild. So wild because as we expand and we call in our courage, we end up being this permission slip for everyone around us to do the same thing.


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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