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Changing Our Inherited Money Story

As women, we have a money story that we’ve inherited from those who came before us. It’s a narrative that we’ve been told, both explicitly and implicitly, that wealth, money, and abundance are not for us. A narrative that says holding onto any of it has to be a struggle and we need to sacrifice all parts of us to get it. We have to give up so many things on the way. We can’t have it all.

Part of the sensual revolution is rewriting that story.

We’re leaving behind a different legacy.

A Broken System

There’s no doubt- we all want to make more money. And of course, we do. We live in a society where we are taught that having money equals being safe and being comfortable. But as women, it’s more complicated than that. The generational story we inherited means that we often don’t feel worthy to make money. Embracing our inherent worthiness is a huge part of our healing and uncovering.  And, if we are willing to go deeper, we’ll see that it’s actually even more complicated than just embracing our inner worthiness.  

The system we live in is broken. We see it’s oppressive. We see it's extractive and exploitative. We see our friends and family in jobs they don’t love or jobs where they are expected to perform emotional labor for free. They’re coming home exhausted. They feel taxed by their work. We see this around us everywhere and it sits within us as a narrative of how work and wealth intertwine. The economic options for us just aren’t there. They’re not healthy. They’re not nourishing. They don’t feel supportive. Sometimes, we turn to entrepreneurship because there we not any other real options. We wanted to be able to stay home with our kids, we had chronic health issues, we needed more money or we simply wanted to do things differently.

Intimacy & Our Economics

Entrepreneurship brings up several different threads we get to weave together.

One thread is what we're feeling on the inside. Are we worthy? Can we do this?

Another thread is external. The way we think about competition, the way we think about other companies and our own company or business. 

How do we connect these to create our internal beliefs about wealth and abundance?

This is where we can start to apply the concept of intimacy to our economics. The first is about our own personal connection to our money. Instead of money being something that stays really far away from us, we can bring it in and just be close to it. Be intimate with it. Then we can start to think about how we use our money and how intimacy plays into our spending and investments. We don’t utilize the system to exploit people, extract all we can, or escape. We use it to get closer, to pay people more, to pay ourselves for our own work, to create more of what we want in the world, and to redistribute it. We become a redirection zone for money: we help get it where it needs to go.

Our work is getting pleasure and intimacy integrated into your system, your business model, the way you run your life, and the way you run your team. So even if you’ve inherited a sense that money is something that you work really hard for and then, if you're lucky, you get to have pleasure afterward, we are actually going flip that around so that we have pleasure, joy, delight with our work.   In the same way our intimacy work around sex, orgasms, and bodies bring us closer to ourselves, intimacy work with money leads to a new way of being in our economics.  We find a different way of being intimate with our money and in turn, our goals and dreams expand beyond what we’ve ever seen before.

And that’s where the magic happens.



Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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