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Are you Playing the Blame Game?

The Blame Game

Are you asking your partner for permission to take the next step?

Too often, I talk to women who are ready. 

They want to heal their blocks and rewrite the old patterns, they want to experience deeper intimacy and love with depth, they want to launch businesses or change careers, and then... they stop. 

They blame their partners, their parents, or friends, letting others’ fears or worries block their growth.

I know it’s hard, but we have to push past this, it’s part of your becoming.
It’s part of you actually stepping up & stepping into the bold next version of you.

The truth is, RARELY is it actually true that your partner doesn’t want you to take bold steps toward becoming a more alive, awakened, sensual, secure, confident version of yourself.

Our partners can’t wait. It’s usually that we are terrified of comes next.

Taking the Leap

But what is sexier than taking that big step?

You are safe turning up the heat. You’re with all of us.

And, when it is the case that people in our lives aren’t being supportive, I find it’s often because in those cases WE aren’t being super clear about what we want & what it means to us. To them, and mostly, to ourselves.

So, it’s time.

Step up, for real. Stop hiding behind their fears. You know that when you emerge, uncovered, everyone around you will benefit.

Including them.

You love them, and you want even more.
Even better. Even deeper. Even steamier.


Here are the tools you need!


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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