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Are You Afraid To Ask For What You Want?

empowement intimacy Jun 15, 2020

You might not like what I'm about to say, but it's important. 

I meet so many women who are afraid. 

They aren't showing up fully, they are paranoid and insecure, and picking fights with everyone from their husband to their daughter-in-law to their coworker to their hair colorist. 

Women who are scared to ask for what they want, and then pissed when they don't get it.

I've met women who feel like life is passing them by. Women who are brittle, bitter, and closed off. 

Who feel entitled to everyone reading their minds and knowing what they want, and justified in being mean or cold when everyone in their family isn't able to read their minds. 

And all this?

It's a big distraction. 


Playing it Small

I'm not going to sugarcoat it — it's a way of playing small.

YOU KNOW there is more to life than petty fights, random worries, and complaining. 

You know you are not here to nag or suck in your stomach or hold grudges. 

So, what are we doing? We are hiding.

This is your invitation to come out from hiding, to uncover your real self, and to start living a life that makes sense, that matters, and that reflects who you really are. 

This is your invitation to feel: sexy, whole, free. This is your invitation to speak up, and to step into your power. This is your invitation to get going. And fall back in love.

And stop bitching about the life they wish they had. (And start living it.) You are tough enough for this,

You are ready for this. You are strong enough for this. You are creative enough to find the time, money, and courage to make it happen. 

You are. And, you are not alone.

If you want:

Desire, Power, and Toppling the Patriarchy. 



Today A LOT of sex + love coaching is about how to strategically hide pieces of yourself so you can land a love story and then spend 60 years holding your breath. 


What do we want instead? 

Uncovered Intimacy.


Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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