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A Relationship Revelation

If you’re new to this world, let me introduce myself. I am Kimberly Rose Pendleton. I grew up in California, lived in Washington DC for years (it still holds a special place in my heart), and moved back to California with my partner Nick during the pandemic after his restaurant closed. I want to start here because, more than anything else that I’ve taught, this masterclass involves him. While this isn’t his favorite subject, he understands that it helps to experience people’s real stories. Life is not always easy nor is it always perfect. Life can also be beautiful with wonderful, magical moments. It’s yin and yang, light and dark, cosmic balance.

We didn’t plan on moving to California. Nick worked at an incredible restaurant and was working almost non-stop. He was exhausted. This meant that he had virtually no time to visit his studio space and work on his art which is his passion. He worked right up until the pandemic hit. Like many restaurants at the time, it bounced between being closed and being open then, eventually, it closed for good. That ended up being a blessing in disguise for us, which I say gingerly because this time was awful for so many and I don’t want to minimize that in any way. We had time, space, and opportunity to pack our cats and our bags and move to California.

We were lucky. My business makes it possible for me to work anywhere there’s a good internet connection, so we took a chance and headed back home to explore and give Nick a chance to fully immerse himself in his painting. Given the pandemic, I didn’t really want him to work in a restaurant anyway. We had an epic road trip driving across the country. It was so fun and beautiful. We were, unknowingly, in a relationship boot camp during that year. It was interesting because I knew that ours was an incredible love and that we’d been through so much together. If you’ve been following me for a while, you might have heard about how we met, about our miscarriage, and about some of the ways I processed a sexual assault. Nick helped so much and was available for all of those deep and difficult grieving moments.

The move meant adjustment. We had to adjust to new routines and patterns which wasn’t always easy. This move meant changes for both of us, and we experienced things that a lot of couples go through. All of this got me thinking about this relationship and all of my other relationships. I started to think about the fact that relationships really were my educational ground for all of the personal development work that I’ve done. I know so many entrepreneurs who have a seemingly perfect life, but their relationship world is chaos and heartbreak. For many of us, it is the one area that lingers with disempowerment and doubt. 


This is the first area I mastered.

Not in the sense that now everything is always perfect, that lessons get learned once and then never need to be returned to. It's more than that.  This is the most important plane of my life and my work. If this part is off, honestly, the rest matters less.

I do my deepest work at home.

I'm so grateful for the way that love makes space for my deepest, truest self to emerge. And it has, through heartbreak and healing, through biggest joys and deep tending, become the site in my life where I can become, more and more, who I'm meant to be.

No one really teaches us this.

How to be in love and be loved.

This is exactly why Uncovered Intimacy: Relationships, Healing + Wild Romance was created! Over two weeks, we take a deep dive into how we can forge deeper connections with our partners and how you can live an uncovered, unrestrained life. You deserve nothing less!



Intimacy is the missing ingredient in your leadership.

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