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J A N U A R Y   1 1 - 2 0
The strategy & energy of a thriving, uncovered 2022





What did this past year reveal about us and what are we ready to learn from it now? 

Let's craft the new year we long for.

Join me for 9 powerful days to set the tone for your year.



2021 was the year that you became even more of yourself. 

It laid the groundwork for what we're going to do in 2022. 

It set a domino in motion.


Modules in The Begin Again Program...

  1. Module 1: Releasing

    What are we leaving behind in 2021? And what are we taking with us?

  2. Module 2: Celebrating

    What are you celebrating? 2021  was the year that you became even more of yourself. Let’s remember.
  3. Module 3: Future self

    "I'm saying yes to my future self. 

    And I will take steps every day to be more and more of her."

    This is where we will let that inner clarity guide us. 


  4.  Module 4: Boundaries and Sacred Self Care

    In 2022, What are you not doing any more? 

    What are some boundaries that you are putting in place

  5.  Module 5: Visioning 

    How do you want to feel... Let's find out.

  6. Module 6: Stepping into 2022 (Aligned Goal Setting) + the Courage it will take to get there...

    What do you need next...
    the overarching vision for your life, 
    where you're headed, and the steps that that future self is pulling you toward... For so many of us,

    2020 planted seeds,

    2021 watered them,
    and 2022 is our year to bloom.

And I will take steps every day to be more and more of her. 

I am accepting the crown and taking up the mission and it doesn't necessarily always feel easy, but it’s where you belong.

Who am I meant to be?

What is that vision? 

Where am I headed? 

Who's waiting for me on the other side...

...What version of me?